22 Days After Lipo and in Severe Pain

I am 22 days out from abdominal, arms, and...

I am 22 days out from abdominal, arms, and inner/outer thigh lipo.

I am coming unglued from the nerve pain that has surfaced since the numbness wore off. By the end of the day, I am in tears because the pain is just wearing me down. Nothing seems to work to dim the pain....does anyone know of something that helps? I am doing epsom salts baths, lymphatic drainage massage and wearing my garment as instructed. I want to light that garment on fire! I am in so much pain in it/ and without it. I have tried Spanx for when I need to venture out to get groceries, but the heat here in Houston makes it so uncomfortable. The itching begins and it's all downhill from there.

I love my doctor but at this stage- yes,I regret it. The pain is worse than at the beginning.


Wow, aren't we a group! I am 4 weeks post cellulaze to my thighs (front and back) and lipo to my saddlebags. And I am 3 1/2 weeks post op to lipo of stomach, flanks, and upper arms. I am so miserable I can hardly stand myself...My surgeon just got back from vacation and now has prescribed me Neurontin and some corticosterioids. They are helping minimally and sporatically. I live 4 1/2 hours from where I had surgery and I can hardly fathom the drive to see her...I can hardly be touched at all without yelping. Clothes hurt. I can't wear the compression at all. I have not been out of pain for a month. Needless to say, it has caused some problems for my fiancé as he is getting very resentful about not being able to touch me. I really want to know how long I'll have to endure this misery? Has anyone any idea how long it took them? I really want to write nasty letters to the websites who say a person is fine to go back to work in a couple days....what a lie:( Can anyone offer hope???
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I'm going through the same, I totally feel you. I cry most nights regretting it. I wish I would have done better research, i hate that every video I watch and my doctor told me it was only a matter of a weekend. And now he change his story
Wow mimis I totally agree. "Oh yeah we will so the surgery Friday, and u will be back to work Monday or Tuesday and we can do u first post op checkup Wednesday. I could barely move for the first 10 days and when I went in to have bandages/tape removed I cried. My legs knees and hips were plum purple. I wish he would have been more upfront about the pain levels. I never dreamed it would be that painful.
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