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Before I met with Dr Mabrie, I had a restylane...

Before I met with Dr Mabrie, I had a restylane injection done once by a nurse practitioner. She ended up making me look very bumpy and worse than when I was before and ever since that experience I was very hesitant to get fillers again. But I really couldn't get the thought out of my mind, of giving fillers another try to enhance my appearance. 

I like many Asian women have a problem with a deflated nose bridge. Not only that but I have a pretty squashed looking face (i'm sure my insomnia also exacerbated this). I wanted to get fillers on my nose to extend the bridge and to sharpen the tip.

Dr Mabrie must have seen many patients like me because he knew exactly how I wanted my nose bridge extended and where to inject on the tip of my nose to elongate it. This definitely helped give the illusion of lengthening my squashed up face. 

After taking some pictures and prepping my nose with local anesthesia, Dr Mabrie injected my nose like a pro, following up with me, every step of the way. I really liked how he would say a few things about what he was doing while working on my nose because it gave me an idea of the process that went through.

When I got to see my nose I was very surprised! I didn't know if should have flowered Dr Mabrie with flattery on how much I loved my new nose so I didn't really say much except how natural it felt. I was expecting to notice some foreign object inserted underneath the nose bridge but surprisingly it felt like my own skin.

The only qualms I have about the procedure was that I had a bruised spot on the middle of my nose. I tried covering it up with makeup and that helped.

Dr Mabrie also suggested that some other time, I could get my eye bags done if I wanted. I opted out even though I know he's a great "injectionist", I dont want to risk any bruising there.

Overall I am very happy with the procedure, it is very pricey. I work part time at a firm so I definitely was using my savings for this. I'm not sure If I'll do this regularly but definitely during monumental moments of my life.

2 days later: my nose has deflated a bit,...

2 days later: my nose has deflated a bit, especially on the bridge. I'm surprised my body metabolized so much of the radiesse. I forgot to mention that Dr Mabrie injected radiesse for my bridge as requested and restylane on the tip. I thought the radiesse would hold up more than the restylane. Maybe I'm imagining things but I really liked how the bridge looked on day one, there was no deviated slope. Perhaps the minimal swelling helped add to the height. I'm still happy I got the filler.

Something weird I noticed is that the injected part on my bridge is a lighter color than the rest of my skin. I'm trying to cover up with concealer but it still shows through a bit.

I have a follow up appointment in two weeks but I'm wondering if its worth spending more money to continually keep the bridge up.

Third Update: Yay!! So the brusining and...

Third Update: Yay!! So the brusining and discoloration is 100% gone! The bruising disappeared after the third day. The weird lightened discoloration where the injection was done has faded away gradually.

Earlier in my review I mentioned how natural the filler feels. Definitely cannot notice it's there UNLESS, I touch the area. I guess this is a good thing so that I can gauge how much filler is metabolizing.

One last thing before I go. I am known to be the most frugal person (yes, i'm one of those people who take extra napkins from McDonalds), yet $1,500 I feel is worth the investment for the initial cost of this procedure. Dr Mabrie is understanding of tight financial circumstances. He offered to use two fillers on me for the same price I would have gotten with one filler! Plus his office offers Aesthetic Rewards, discounts for Radiesse treatments.

His staff also is very prompt with checking up on you and making sure everything is alright.

Fourth Update: I had my follow up appointment...

Fourth Update: I had my follow up appointment today! The procedure went even smoother this time around and I'm pleased that Dr Mabrie did over and beyond as usual. He used the remaining radiesse on the slight indentation on the nose and I must say it looks perfect. No bruising this time around too. There happened to be extra restylane as well so he used that to further enhance my tip and even had extra for my nasolabial lines.
Again let me emphasize that Dr Mabrie's injects like no injector ever could. He does it in a way that doesn't leave any visible needle marks.
Bay Area Facial Plastic Surgeon

Google and Realself. So I did my research and read about how Dr Mabrie was not only one of best surgeons when it comes to injecting fillers but also specializes in non-surgical rhinoplasty. It was really hard to resist to make that appointment and I'm glad I did. He was very courteous with me and went over a brief explanation on what would be best for my face. I didn't even have to say or ask much because he seemed to be a mind reader.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
4 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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I'm planning to see this doctor and try to enhance my nose bridge. Thanks for the tips! :)
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You went to the right Doctor my dear. He is literally is a perfectionist and if he mentions something that doesn't look right or needs work, he'll tell you and its mostly likely the truth. He was also my surgeon, and I flew 4k miles to see him.Which pretty much should people an idea, how good he is! In my opinion, if you had your nose fixed, you might as well, get your eyes done too. I like the idea of non surgical nose jobs, but I believe as Im sure most physicians will agree and suggest. The non surgical way is to give the patient an idea,how your nose can look better, if you had it permanently fixed and give you an idea how it can and will look. Bottom line, I wouldnt recommend getting fillers put into your nose every year forever...get rhinoplasty, and have it done and over with.Plus your nose is fixed forever and you save money in the long run!
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I would get it fixed but I currently am a wage worker so if I miss any days from work due to recovery, that would set me back. I am also aware that I'm an incredibly slow healer. I heard it takes on average one week for people to remove stitches for a nose job. So for me that might mean 2 weeks or even longer.
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Has the radiesse upholded as long as you would like. Im interested in the same treatment you had however I've read so many reviews that said the radiesse metabolized super quickly. Your.nose looks great btw
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Unfortunately they are right. I was so happy with the injection but it metabolized. First the swelling went down but I still had a bridge. Then it shrunk like I did nothing. About a month or two later, the collagen built up so it elevated the bridge slightly but certainly not to my desired height when I had swelling
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After I'd say 5 months I was in a situation where I was desperate to get another injection but I don't have the money for that so I'm waiting a full year
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Looks Good. Be careful using Restylane around the 'tip' of the nose as the hyaluronic acid has a tendency to swell more than a calcium based filler, like Radiesse. Swelling can compromise blood flow to the tip of the nose and lead to ulceration.. For non surgical revision cases, Restylane 'might' be ok, although Radiesse is less risky. For cases of surgical revision, please see a specialist who has performed over 100 cases using Radiesse 'without' complications.
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Thanks for the advice. I've been doing some comparison research and spoken to a few doctors who have told me in SF, Dr Mabrie is the non surgical rhinoplasty expert so that is why I went to him. After going to him, I am happy with the results, though very temporary. In the future I have decided to not do the any nose tip injections and stick to the bridge.
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Thanks for sharing on RealSelf! Filler injections often cause bruising for a short time, and some swelling, so that's probably where the extra projection came from those first few days. Maybe he could do a little more filler next time?

I totally understand about the cost involved. That's why I'm not going to keep doing my lips. It gets to a point where doing something permanent is more cost effective.

Please let us know if you do this again!

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Hi Angie, Thanks for commenting! I'm still contemplating about a second injection. I've read a lot if experiences where a second or even a third injection is common to get desired results. i don't even mind the minimal bruising on the nose since that can be covered up. I just don't have the money for repeated fillers, I work part time and have a disability that prevents me from working full so money is tight. I was thinking of artefill which is more permanent but it seems to have a higher risk profile with granulomas. In the past I used to use makeup to give the illusion of a higher bridge but it doesnt help with profile view.I'm sure you might have thought the same about makeup for the lips...
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