Round 2 Barbie - Cali, CO

Hi ladies so I'm sure you all know me from my...

Hi ladies so I'm sure you all know me from my round 1 with Dra Robles (click here to read my review) well now I'm documenting my round 2. I'm using Bellavita and I'm also using her columbian package I'm getting lipo and ab etching. I have also deleted myself from all Facebook surgery groups I'm only posting about my surgery on real self the drama in those group are ridiculous. Anywhoo I haven't decided on which doctor yet I will let you all know as soon as I know. Thanks for following my journey your support is appreciated :)

Good luck on your round 2.
I was one of the many in the fb groups who really liked your posts but I understand why you removed yourself. I will definitely be following your round 2 journey here on realself. I want to go to Robles but I am so undecided.
Hello. Your results were awesome. Where did you find Bellavita. I would love some ab sculpting!
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