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I had laser hair removal on my beard. 12...

I had laser hair removal on my beard. 12 treatments over the course of two years. Now I have large patches all over my face like a checkerboard. I look like a freak. Men do not get laser on your beard!!

The patches only get worse with more treatment. I complained to the clinic and they tell me this is normal?! They just kept telling me to get more treatments. Then when it kept getting worse they tried to give me microdermabrasion to shut me up.

A note on "guarantees". My clinic gave me a 3 year guarantee which I thought was great. However I failed to think it through. The treatment itself (6-8 treatments every six weeks) takes about 1 year. In the areas where the laser does work, the hair loss only lasts about 2 years. Therefore by the time you begin to see hair in the treated area, the guarantee is over!

A real guarantee is to offer your money back. You will never find a laser clinic that will give you your money back! Offering more treatments if the previous treatments fail is NOT a guarantee. If anything it should clue you in. They are basically telling you the treatment only lasts a few years at the most, and after that you're on your own!

I've had 2 laser treatments on my beard and now I have 3 large hairless patches on my face along with several more small hairless patches on my beard. The last treatment was 5 weeks ago.
The reason I thought to try it on my beard is cause my neck turned out fairly good.
I have a very thick dark and course beard. Even when I shave it looks as if I haven't shaved.
After reading all your opinions I have decided to stop laser on my beard. I will continue to finish out my sessions for the neck.
Is there any way to uniformly reduce facial hair? If they put the laser on a low setting will it prevent one from getting patches? I really want to reduce my facial hair but I don't want to totally get rid of it and obviously I don't patches.
You're not going to reduce it the way you'd want to with laser...it's going to come off in patches (stages). If you've only done two treatments on your beard I'd definitely stop and let it regrow. I'd even go as far as talking with a dermatologist to see if you can get some Retin-A - some guys on here have said that it helps regrow hair and there are studies out there that support that. If I could go back in time I would have just done my neck and left my beard...the end result has been amazing but goddamn - I wouldn't wish the emotional heartache of going through the patchy stages on my worst enemy. It took me probably three years to get to where I'm at now and boy were those three years rough. I'm here for you guys!
Thanks for you input. I will definitely stop laser on my beard. I actually went and got some retin-a last week and have been applying it the patches nightly. however the problem with retin-a is that ive notice some light peeling on my face. Anyone have any idea how long its gonna take for the patches to start growing again? I've only had 2 treatments so I'm hoping it won't take longer than a 3 months or so.

It's been about 8-9 years since my first laser...

It's been about 8-9 years since my first laser hair removal treatments on beard. Last one was probably 6 years ago. I still have some patchiness but no one but me notices it. It's considerably improved. I do wish I had stopped after the first few treatments. My beard would have completely grown back. If you have only had one or two treatments STOP now. It will only get worse.
james how is ur face now can u post pics whats the update
I'm back to tell you guys that there's no noticeable patches in my beard anymore. It has been improved almost 100% since my decision to go through that laser session. Earlier today I was looking at the mirror and thanking God that my beard was like it always has been before that disaster. I can't tell you the difference right now, honestly. At least 95% of my original beard is back, and it's already been a while that it fully regrew. So, I remembered this post and I just felt I needed to give you a last feedback. Don't lose faith, just be patient and wait for a while. Read this thread and look after the posts in which I relate my experience, how I managed to try to speed up the proccess (I sincerely think it helped a lot), stop the treatments if you had just one or two laser sessions yet, and take care of yourselves. Your hair will come back! Good luck!
HI Vinícius, Thanks a lot for posting your progress. I'l like to know if you recovered your neck as well? Thanks!!
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