Documenting my Adventure- 32A/AA to Full C -New York, NY

So, after years of thought, I've finally decided...

So, after years of thought, I've finally decided to take "the plunge". A lot of this decision stems from recently losing 15lbs, substantively decreasing my breast size- I've never been a B though and have always felt I've been disproportionate in this area. I just had my first consultation 3/29/13. I initially had two consultations scheduled for that day but the second surgeon's office was a complete joke so I ran out before I was even called into an exam room. But it's alright- I was very pleased with the first doctor. I am 5ft 1in, 98lbs, in my early 20s and wear a 32A (when there is a lot of padding). I would like to achieve a full C. I was lucky enough to find a surgery date really soon- I'm scheduled for 4/11/13. I'm so excited!!!! But very nervous.
Today was my pre-op appointment with my surgeon. He said he will have a range from 300-400cc implants available. I have also decided to use silicon under the muscle with an incision under the breasts. Because of my small chest size/stature he is also going to have high profile implants available although he doesn't normally like to use these implants because of their look... Everything is paid in full and I have filled my prescriptions (vicodin and clindamycin) but he didn't prescribe muscle relaxers. Not sure if this is normal or if I should speak to him about it...
Since almost no one knows about this adventure I'm about to begin (other than my boyfriend and his family), I want to share my story with others, maybe get some advice, and possibly help others. I'm super nervous my co-workers will notice the change. I hope it's not too noticeable when I choose for it not to be. I'm a pretty shy person so this is quite a big step for me. Advise or comments would be appreciated.


Thank you for sharing your adventure with us on RealSelf. Wow, this is happening so quickly for you. You're lucky as many women find the "waiting 'til the surgery date" the hardest part!  :)  Who will be helping you during your recovery? Here is a list to help you better prepare for your recovery. BTW, congrads on the weight loss too! Let us know if you have any other questions before your surgery this week.

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Thanks for the comment! I'm happy that I don't have to wait very long for my surgery- even waiting a little over a week feels too long! I got lucky they had a cancellation at the ambulatory surgical center, otherwise I would have had to wait a month to get in. After the surgery my boyfriend of 4 years will be there to help me with my recovery. We live together and he works as a healthcare professional so I'll have a lot of help! For some reason I can't open that link to a list for recovery preparation...

Wow, you couldn't have asked for a better recovery assistant!  Here is the link again for recovery preparation. Please let me know if this one works for you. As a healthcare professional, this list may be redundant for you.   :)

My surgery went well this morning. I get motion...

My surgery went well this morning. I get motion sickness easily and was feeling nauseous after the cab ride to the surgical center. I received a motion sickness patch behind my ear and then some motion sickness medication through my IV (this is also supposed to help with post-op nausea). The surgery lasted a little over one and a half hours (I think he went 15 minutes over). Since I only paid the ambulatory care center for one and a half hours I think I may end up being charged additional fees but I won't know until I get a bill in the mail. The people at the surgical center could not tell me yet if I owe anything... So I'm a little worried about that.
I was told my surgeon spoke to me right after the surgery in the recovery room but I don't remember anything. He also spoke to my boyfriend and said I have 339 CCs on both sides but he didn't go into detail. I guess I will find out more information tomorrow at my post-op appointment.
When I woke up in recovery I was very thirsty regardless that I though I was well hydrated and on a low sodium diet for about a week. Some of it had to do with have a breathing tube placed (I didn't know that was going to happen...). I felt super light headed and nauseous before the cab ride back home but the nurses where so nice trying to help me (they gave me an ice pack for the back of my neck, tried to have me smell alcohol wipes to get over sick feeling, and gave me crackers, soda and ginger ale). Also my heart rate was high (120 bpm) but it always is even at my medical clearance before the surgery.
I've been sleeping a lot and have been using my Vicodin. I feel so sleepy. I'm surprised how often you use your chest muscles in day to day life. It feels like a challenge to get in and out of bed. My surgical bra/bandages are very itchy too. I will update more tomorrow.. maybe even pictures. Thanks for the support everyone!

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So now that I'm not so drugged up I have some more...

So now that I'm not so drugged up I have some more information and pictures to share.

It turns out my surgeon used moderate plus profile and 339cc Natrelle gel style 15 in both my left and right breasts. I just had my post-op appointment and all of the bandages have been removed.

The doctor said everything looks good and he gave me a stabilizing strap to wear under my surgical bra but I really hate this bra. He said I could switch it out at any time with another bra as long as there's no under wire and it provides support.

Does anyone have any suggestions for a good bra. I really don't like how I cant wear any shirt without someone seeing I'm wearing a huge white bra underneath.

Do these pictures look okay? This is only my second day post op but they look a little asymmetrical to me but maybe one is dropping more than the other.

I have some bruises as well on my neck for some reason and really large blood red bags under my eyes... dr said it was nothing to worry about.

My pain level isn't too bad but worse than yesterday. I'm just very sleepy all the time.

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It's post-op day 3. I'm feeling a lot better than...

It's post-op day 3. I'm feeling a lot better than yesterday and even ventured outside to find a front clasp bra to wear to work on Tuesday- but to no avail... It's a little hard to breathe at times but I've been working through it. I've uploaded another picture which shows my breasts have dropped significantly since yesterday.


Hi I live in New York City. I am 5"4 115 looking for a great PS. What is the name of your doctor?
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Congrats! They look amazing especially for only 3days post op!! What is your bra size now?? Because I'm 5'0 95lbs 32A and i want to get the 339cc mod + but I don't know if it will be enough to make me a full C small D cup.. And I would love to see how you look in a bikini top, if you could upload pics it would be awesome! :)
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Hi Magoo How's the feelings by now? I did my ba on 16th Apr . OMG i even dont know how can iget off the bed... i didnot notice how much often i use breast macles everyday.... now for me... go to toilet turns to the most difficult time!!so hurt!!! For the rest time, i felt ok. Does anyone have any idea to decrease the pain?
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