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100% TCA Peel at Home

I don't recommend this to anyone! It was a VERY...

I don't recommend this to anyone! It was a VERY painful experience. I was off work for 2 weeks and had a horrible time! The swelling was so severe my eyes were swollen all but shut for 6 days! I was afraid to go out in public.

I did a 100% TCA peel at home 4 weeks ago. The usual swelling pain was experienced, but now I still have a LOT of redness. Any one know how long it will take for this redness to disappear?
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I did this my self...NEVER again! Bought this off Ebay for $9.99

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it was really 100% tca? I put on my skin 50% tca and i have necrosis on my skin! I dont know what to do!
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go to the hospital, if you haven't already
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You are not suppose to do a 100% TCA face peel. Have you ever heard of start small and work your way up. Did you research the percentages? That is where you went wrong.

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Yea, I agree. I've never heard of doing a TCA full strength on anyone. Wow. You're supposed to dilute it!!
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Yes, I agree. Are you kidding me? You did a TCA on your face full strength?? You have to dilute it. Did you read the directions?
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What you did (unknowingly) was you gave yourself the equivalent of a Phenol peel!
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for me 3 days after peeling skin is all good. redness all gone had good cream for it still ictching abit but that new skin healing would i do it again hmmm before this point would of said no way but now still thinking would but would have time off work at less 2 weeks to be safe and wouldnt go out just sleep i think with lots of bottle water to drink its the thought of oil on face hate sticky and skin before it peels fully
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how long dos redness start to fade on 25% and whats best to help it along faster
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Oh, wait I just noticed where you mention 100% TCA. I would see a doctor about this. I have heard that some doctors use do up to 70% on the body, but not the face. It sounds like you have a serious burn and should seek medical attention.
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This has never happened to me. I'm sorry to hear that you're going through this. What specifically did you use? And through what company?
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OMG! You're never ever supposed to put 100% TCA on your face as a peel! You're supposed to dilute it with water to a lower percentage, like 25% or 30%.
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yes 0% percent would have been safer for her. I heard that as sarcastic.
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Zero percent? Doesn't that mean there is no TCA at all and it's just water? Haha. Seriously is that evern possible?
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TCA 0% is proberbly the safest product they sell but you never know till you try the other strenths
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How close to the eyes can you put TCA 12.5
for crows feet and upper lip/pigmentation
Does tca help.... actenic solar kerotosis?

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You're insane for using 100%. Start off with a 15-20% and SPOT TEST first to see how your skin will react. So many people on here talk about bad experiences and their faces look ruined which tells me that they didn't bother spot testing first. It's so crucial to do this so you can avoid damaging your entire face.
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just did second tca peel %50 'myself' so no doctor :)

1st time was full face after a wee all redness an swollen gone so applied to forehead and around eyes.

because of variety of skin i recommend %30 if didnt work raised bit more.

for me 1st one went well but its my second day on second peel

"do it yourself" unless you are ignorant or very rich then doctor is ur option

by the way how are you doing Speedychic? from ur pic i think u should done whole face so there will not be 2 color differences. hope u recovered by now.
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A perfect example of a "do it yourself" disaster. You should have never used 100 % tca on your face and if you did any research at all you would have been advised against this. I saw the ad on ebay and it even states to DILUTE the solution not to use it full strength. I hope you're o.k. now but this was a very hard lesson...hopefully others will learn from this. Leave peels to trained professionals!!!

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now, now MR.Right, this is a forum meant to help, not get angry....except at bad docs, that is. But is this correct what you say, that 12.5 or anything less than thirty percent won't work at all? Are you sure -- bc so many on here say to start off with 12.5 percent but I keep asking and not getting a sure answer! I just ordered a 12.5 percent bc many on here say to start with that and work up to 30 percent....I believed them. But I DO have very strong skin, used Retin A for years and I know exactly how my skin works in certain areas (drier around chin, always very oily on forehead, etc.) and now I am worried that I ordered this huge bottle from MUAC for nothing! Maybe I should have gotten at least twenty percent? It does make more sense....arghh so confusing with all the different opinions and experiences! You are not the only one btw to suggest not even bothering with a lower dosage -- bc there are so many days downtime, for no result really, when I could just skip up to a higher percentage. What do you guys think?
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hi nadiahoney,
good gritting.
sorry to be angry but this poor women asked help not people without knowledge blaming her, the damage is done and people should try to support her. any way
for your order do not worry its only money we learn from mistake, use it and see how it goes for next time buy %100 and diluted whatever strengths u want.
there is %35 u can use it on ur face and if u use %35 u can use it less frequency for example 3 times and 2-4 weeks between each time but do not use second tca until ur red face and swollen is gone.

but if u use %12.5 that means more frequency tca may peel ur skin very light surface.
i got my tca on Tuesday now some of my skin coming off was , my skin turned very brown dark, and i used 50% and i will wait may be 1 or 2 weeks or as soon as i recover fully and swollen go down will use 50% again.
do not listen to me u should use what u have but i think its very light for next time go to 30% see how it goes or increse it further more if still not satisfied but do not go beyond 50% for face it may work but we play safe here.

do not worry about what people here say, i do not really follow the rule strictly, u should ask ursel why tca available on %35 for face?
the people here arered 2 line or adviced by doctors not to do so, u know what never do co2 totally waist of ur money and painfull as i did it once so no more fouled by doctors, i mean tca is simple just apply it to ur face carefully do not led drop into ur eyse is that rocket and science? no but doctors oh! u need to do it at clinic u know why? because they need ur pocket to be empty

take care of urself and hope this help everybody.
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Foolish woman. If you had done a very quick bit of research you would have read never to use 100% TCA on any part of your body. It should have been diluted to 12.5%-25% and used a bit of anti-bacterial ointment as aftercare and you would have had fantastic results. Less is more with TCA Peels. Silly.
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im wondering how you even survive the pain of burning? omg too high tolerance on pain,and you;re literally burning your skin.. 15% is already painful.. tsk tsk shaking my head on you fate.. i just cant imagine how you could have done that..to apply it all over..

i have a bottle of tca 100% still but i dont use it anymore,going to my dermatologist is still best,she would put the tca,i dont know how much percent it is,and id have 2 fan blowing on my face,with the AC running,i dont have to run to the sink and wash my face,i dont know what type she uses,how it stops burning too deep,it will frost,but thats it,i would feel like i have been slapped many times after the 3rd coat,and i will feel numb,and she will put this yellowish cream on my face wow,that hurts! her touching m face is painful not the cream,but after that,its fine,i cant wash my face util next day,and next day,i would only look like tan.. 3 days,and skin would start peeling.. in a week,id have very soft,supple face.pinkish..

i dont like glycolic,it itch alot..whether its use on your face or body,,

anyway..good for you that it only leave little scar..
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Luckily there was VERY little scarring..only I can see it....Not one of my brighter moments LOL

I would highly NOT recommend this. DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!

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