100% TCA Peel at Home

I don't recommend this to anyone! It was a VERY...

I don't recommend this to anyone! It was a VERY painful experience. I was off work for 2 weeks and had a horrible time! The swelling was so severe my eyes were swollen all but shut for 6 days! I was afraid to go out in public.

I did a 100% TCA peel at home 4 weeks ago. The usual swelling pain was experienced, but now I still have a LOT of redness. Any one know how long it will take for this redness to disappear?


You can burn off a tumor with 100% gurl SMH buy 30% -50 and dilute it. 9.99 for 100% raises red flags... should be at least 30 dollars OZ. Some people use battery acid and sell it as TCA. Buy from a reputable dealer please. Your skin will heal if you leave it alone and stay out of the sun :)
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I've been using home chemical peels for 5 years now. You absolutely just start with a very low percentage/strength. I now but tca in 30% strength and dilute with distilled water (1 part water and 2 parts tca). I've never had an issue and only shop at makeupartistschoice.com
I buy off of amazon "prime" only, this way I know it is TCA and not battery acid. then i dilute it. I use water to neutralize most of the time because Baking soda reaction burns the skin.
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I did this my self...NEVER again! Bought this off Ebay for $9.99

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