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I've just started the eraze process (known as...

I've just started the eraze process (known as rejuvi in the US) and i am documenting it. Take a look - - and i hope it helps people decide whether or not to do it, whether or not my results are good!

I'm on day two and it hurts, itll be a long process but hopefully worth the wait!

Lydia x

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Yeah thatd be brilliant. Thank you so much x
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Yeah its quite sore but hopefully worth it! It doesnt seem to let me upload the pictures on here :S I would if i could :(
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I can do it for you if you would like, can I just take them off your blog?

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HI Lydia,

I went to your blog and checked out your tattoo and pictures. Wow that looks painful, would you mind posting the pictures here too? Your story will be great for others. Please keep us updated, for sure.



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