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12.5% TCA Peel @ Home Peel on Face-Georgia

Just did a 12.5% TCA chemical peel purchased from...

Just did a 12.5% TCA chemical peel purchased from MakeUpArtistChoice.com last night (10/29/10). Did 2, 30% Glycolic Acid peels the previous 2 weeks spaced a week apart to prep skin. I bought the kit with the 1/2 oz. TCA peel, green tea soap, sample of Rose Hip cream, gloves, and carrying bag. I got the brush ($5) for application which was too soft. It soaked up the peel solution and the britstles spred out too much for a uniform application. Did a patch test on the side of my face right in front of my ear prior with no adverse affects. Patch Test: I washed the area with the green tea soap and wiped with alcohol (which stings almost as bad as the acid) I applied one layer with a q-tip (since i was doing a small area) waited 5 minutes, it burned but no frosting. Applied a second layer and almost immedialty it frosted. So it took 2 layers for it to frost. I neutralized with baking soda and water and dried. Put nothing on it afterwards and went out to eat dinner.
Full Face Peel: before the full face peel I washed my face with the Green Tea soap right before applying the peel. Forgot to wipe down my face with the alcohol. Ended up using a cotton ball for application because of the problems with the brush I mentioned above. Wiped the solution on my forehead first, down my nose, across cheeks and the rest of face avoiding the spot I did the patch test on. I used a q-tip to do under my eyes and eyelids. Burned, on a scale from 1-10 about a 6. Turned red. Forehead frosted a little almost immediatly. Crows feet area frosted immediatly and chin frosted a little with one layer. Left on for about 5 minutes and applied a second layer on areas that did not frost. Left on for about another 3 minutes and those areas never did frost. I also applied a 3rd layer of the solution on nasal folds, crows feet and 11"s on forehead between eyes. Those area frosted with 3rd layer. Wiped off with the netralizer, rinsed face with cool water and dried. Applied Rose Hip cream lightly. The frosted area turned to red probably within 20 minutes or so. Went to bed. Woke up the next morning and my skin was red and kinda looked like
I was sweating but the liquid coming from my pores was oil not sweat. The skin was not dry or tight. I dont know if that was from the Rose Hip cream or just my skins own oils. I washed my face with the Green Tea Bar using just my fingers and my face looked tight, dry and a little leathery then. Still red. Did not put any moisturizer on and that is where I am at now. Will update 2morrow.

Okay it is 11/1/10, I applied my peel 10/29/10 but...

Okay it is 11/1/10, I applied my peel 10/29/10 but couldnt update till now becasue it didnt post till today. Im picking up where I left off in my post above. Sunday my face was still red and dry (leathery). Sunday evening it started to peel. Not in sheets like I have read in other reviews but in flakes. Lots of flakes! Started on my chin. My face was still red on Sunday and felt kinda like windburn. But I also was out trick or treating sunday night with the kids and it was cool outside so that might of been why. Never did turn brown just kinda like a dark red. Looked sunburnt. Anyway today (Monday) it is peeling like crazy. Not as red. Been washing with the Green Tea soap and putting a little Rose hip cream and Hyaluronic Serum as moisturizer afterwards. Thats all I have been putting on my face.

So I applied the peel on Friday night and I started peeling Sunday. I went to the mall yesterday with a flaky chin and red face but it wasnt bad enough for me to stay home. I wouldnt go out today unless I had too. But my skin looks like its just really dry and peeling from a sunburn. I posted a pic of my cheek as of Monday. Sorry for the bad quality pic. All I have is my cell phone to take a picture. Cant tell yet how the skin underneath looks or if there is any improvements but will update tomorrow.

Awesome Indigo,

Glad you found this and thanks for posting pictures they really help. Keep me posted on how you're doing.




Hi Indigo,

Thanks for the great review. This will provide our community with such great info. Please keep me updated and stay an active part of our community.



Well today (Tuesday) most of the peeling is done....

Well today (Tuesday) most of the peeling is done. I think I helped it along a little when in the shower the hot water and steam kinda makes the loose skin roll of if you lightly run your fingers over it. Don't know if you should do that or not but it doesn't seem to be causing any problems. Face is not as red but a little blotchy looking. The last skin to peel is under and around my eyes. Still looks leathery and is not wanting to come off and I'm not forcing it so we will see. Putting some Emu oil on now too and seems to be speeding up the peeling. I used it last nite before I went to bed. Still cant say if it is worth it yet. I am going to wait a few days, let the peeling finish and my skin calm down and I will make that judgment then. Oh i never did say why i did the peel to begin with. I am 44 and my skin has sun damage from my younger years when you don't think about your skin because your young and its beautiful and your laying the beach getting fried. I have some fine lines and wrinkles and some minor brown spots and redness. Looking for a more even skin tone mainly. Don't expect much from a 12.5% peel for the wrinkles but it would be nice if there was some improvment there. We will see in a few days after im done peeling.

Picture posted below 4 days post peel. Almost done...

Picture posted below 4 days post peel. Almost done peeling except for around eyes and bridge of nose.

Thanks Indigo for the updates and pictures!


Well its been 10 days since my peel and I have to...

Well its been 10 days since my peel and I have to say that it was "Worth It". No big major improvments but minor improvments with skin texture. It evened out my skin tone and I'm not as red and blotchy as I was before. Didnt do much for lines and wrinkles but wasnt really expecting it too. It was a mild peel and it was my first TCA. Had 2 Glycolic peels previously. Down time was only a few days so it wasnt that inconvienant. Will do another one Thanksgiving weekend since I have 4 days off. Posted an updated pic but sorry again for the quality. You really cant tell much from it.

Well its been a little over 3 weeks since my TCA...

Well its been a little over 3 weeks since my TCA peel. I think it has helped with texture and tone. Still glad I did it. Cant wait to do another one. Will leave on a little longer this time and let frost a bit more. Plan on doing my hands, forearms, neck and chest too. Did a spot area on the back of my hand and I took it about a week to peel. That was weird. I didnt think it was going too but it finally did. Go figure.

Thank you so much for the detailing it was very helpful. One quick question what did you mean by netralizer is it the baking powder do u let it dry before u rinse it again or can u use vasoline instead
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