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Hello there! My name is Julia and I just had a...

Hello there! My name is Julia and I just had a Rhinoplastic surgery yesterday at 5pm.

I am 20 years old and have always secretly wanted surgery because I found my nose unproportioned compared to my face. I have heard so many comments that have hurt me since I was young (Eg. manly nose, jewish nose,..) but always thought I could bare it until recently... I realised that it really bothered me because every single time I looked at my pictures or videos or whatsoever, I saw my huge nose that screwed up my beautiful face.

As we live in the 21st century and medicine has evolved immensely, thus if I have the power and budget to get something done that would make me happy (I know nothing can be perfect) but as long as its better than before I will have to settle for it (No problem) and be happy, why not do it?! I felt very comfortable with my doctor as he didn't push anything and actually cared as to how I felt and wanted it. I cannot say much right now s it has just been done and these things take time for the final result.

However I am freaking out because I feel like I want to rip my face out because I didn't sleep the whole night because I have to breathe through my mouth and of course I became sick so my throat hurts like hell. I hope tomorrow will be better as I am struggling seeing time pass so slowly (so typical).

On a different note, I also have to travel in a week to Israel (so smart) to work and see my family for the whole summer and there are loads of kids in my family that are very fond of me and full of energy and I need to be careful not to bump my precious nose into something.

I have started college in last february and I feel so stupid of having it done after my first semester (very clever) instead of doing it before entering college (sigh). Anyways, I have no idea how to react to anyone of my friends if they see me in uni with a different face... I haven't told anyone apart from my family and closest friend. I feel like a total faker if I go there and everyone stares at me and know somethings different but I don't know how to react even though I don't care... HELP

I will try and post pictures as soon as I can and if you could comment on them or just advise me on some things I would really appreciate it.


So today is day number 2 after surgery and just...

So today is day number 2 after surgery and just feel like total shit... Barely slept and feel like I've caught a cold and my nose is hurting even though I took pain killers... I don't know what to do I feel like time is passing by soooooo S L O W L Y... However I cannot wait until my cast is out and the swelling has gone... Does anyone know after how many days your allowed to blow your nose? Is it right after the cast is off or? I need some boosting up because Im so afraid of the result I trust my doctor but you know how it never really is what u wanted it to be? anyways it sure as hell will be better than before I had a mountain on my face... At least I can laugh about it a little...

Oh and I don't want to bore you with my love life so U don't have to answer this second part, but if you can give me some advice that would be great! So, I have been kinda seeing this guy...I met him in march, where I thought he was nice but he fell for me the second he saw me. Let's say he asked to be in a relationship with me a week after we met. At that point I wasn't that keen of him and acted like a bitch by saying no I want to have fun. He said ok thinking I would change my mind with time...The guy didn't give up and after doing things together and getting to know him better I started liking him more than I had actually planned on. I like him a lot but don't know if I want to give up my freedom yet as I have been single only since january (had a 1 year and a half relationship and my heart got crushed real bad) Anyways I feel so torn because Im in college and he's working and we have different routines.. He does his best for me (has cooked for me, has brought me out for dinner, etc...) he is really good to me... I told him to keep it cool and well see each other again in september since I am gone all summer as well as he, and that we would see each other again in september... Here is the thing, I haven't told him that I was doing a rhinoplasty... So I need some advice

1) Should I keep on seeing him? If yes, should I start a relationship with him? ( I know its a tough question to ask to someone who has no clue of how the situation is but I would like opinions from the outside and how you see it incase I'm already blinded by love, lol)
2) What do I do about my nose if he asks?

Thank you so much guys for the help and support I really appreciate it!

Hey there!!! So this is day 3 after operation and...

Hey there!!! So this is day 3 after operation and I feel already way better! Haven't gotten more sleep but it's ok... I just came back from the doctor for a checkup and everything seems fine, swelling has gone down a little as well as bruising... and he says my new nose will look really nice with my face because he lifter the tip a bit so my upper lip is a bit more visible...

I made my next appointment on thursday to take off the cast!!!! Im so excited you have no idea! the mere revelation of my new face feels like a new life is opening up for me! No more trying to hide my profile, no more hating taking pictures with friends, no more religious prejudices, no more of all that! Just a boost of confidence I cannot wait to show! :)

The pain is much better today and I have one of my best friends that also had her nose done and she's supporting me soooo much as well as the comments ppl give me on this site its so wonderful! Thank you to all it really helps me get through the hard long days... I guess it's just going to be me and my TV today! yey feels good to be in pj's all day it's been way too long! x

Hey guys! Today is day 4 after the surgery and I...

Hey guys! Today is day 4 after the surgery and I feel great! I had my first real good sleep yesterday and woke up happy for once haha my nose is just really congested (any tips for that?) and I still cannot taste anything I eat but oh well.. I am counting the days before my cast gets removed! Finally on thursday morning :D I didn't tell any of my friends and therefore they have suspicions because they always want to see me and I always say I'm sick... Little do they know the surprise they will have haha :p Does anyone know for how long after the surgery you have to be careful not bumping your nose anywhere? Because as I said before I'm going to be with my family the whole of july and august and there are so many kids there that I love but they are quite hectic... What should I do? Thank you for your support guys!! x

Hey guys I've seen that I got some comments in but...

Hey guys I've seen that I got some comments in but when I want to read them on my blog, they are not there... Can anyone help me??? Thank you, I just took a shower and although my cast is wet I feel so good! :)

Hey guys!! This is day 5 after the operation and I...

Hey guys!! This is day 5 after the operation and I feel better with every day that goes by... AND EXTREEMELY ECSTATIC FOR TOMORROW MY CAST WILL BE REMOVED AAARGH I've always wanted this and it seems unreal that my wish is finally coming true I cannot wait for the final result obviously but I feel so happy! Ive seen a lot of reviews and blogs and almost all the results were for the better so I'm feeling confident... Anything is better than that vulcano I had haha oh and I almost forgot! Im an absolute life liver to the fullest hence I adore food... And since today i have starting tasting food again because my nose is not that blocked anymore! You know what that means... FRIDGE INVASION!!! muhaha Anyways guys have a nice day I sure will! x cheers!

Hey guys!!! Sorry I didn't update my blog...

Hey guys!!! Sorry I didn't update my blog yesterday right after removing my cast, I wanted to but internet was just waaaay too slow... Anyways this is day 1 after the cast has been removed and I don't feel like theres that much of a difference which is good cuz i didn't ask for a complete makeover and my nose is still quite swollen so... What do u guys think? An improvement? I think in the side view you can see the nose seems smaller compared to before the operation... Anyways Im happy I did it and my mental is at peace now and feel so much prettier even if my smile is worse than a dead squirrels face.. haha gotta laugh about it though it looks like my upper teeth-jaw has been removed :p anyways tell me what u think guys and please be hones it would mean so much more to me. Thank you so much! xxx

Hey guys! Im sorry i haven't posted anything...

Hey guys! Im sorry i haven't posted anything before but i was quite busy.. i would like to ask your opinions because i feel like it is not that successful... so the front hasn't really changed and overall the nose is smaller.. but i feel like the side view is so much more bent that before, and it can't be the swelling.. HELP

Hey!! How r u guys doing?? so today is exactly 2...

Hey!! How r u guys doing?? so today is exactly 2 weeks after my operation and I feel a bit depressed because its the same shape side view as before and I'm so scared I've done all of this for nothing!!! Freaking the hell out and cannot sleep at night I know it might be swollen still but I've seen so many other ppl that even when its swollen u can see the shape of the nose right after the cast is off... I really wanna believe this has become better than before but i can't see anything yet to be happy about!!! And my nose is always blocked and still cannot sneeze properly...

Oh and I have tried to call my doctor about my...

Oh and I have tried to call my doctor about my worry but of course he is on holiday until next month and until then I cannot reach him.. Just great and recomforting...

Hey guys, I know it's been a while since I posted...

Hey guys, I know it's been a while since I posted but wanted to wait to see results in a longer time of period span...

Tomorrow will be exactly 3 weeks since the operation and 2 weeks after cast removal. So I feel like the swelling has gone down a lot from the front view which I'm happy about but somehow my hump is still there and I don't know what to do... I know it takes time but all the other people that have posted their day of cast removal even with all the swelling the shape looks perfect already! No bumps... Anyways I would like to know if anyone experienced as well and what the outcome was.. It would really help me get through this.. I can already smile at least thats something :)... Any other suggestions or tips to reduce the overall swelling faster? Oh and how do you make those collages I would really like to make one.. :) Thank you for your support!

Hey guys! So today it is 1 month post-op for me!...

Hey guys! So today it is 1 month post-op for me! Time flies slowly when u want it to go fast but its not such a bad thing after all... Im going to post pictures now of 1 month post-op and i would like to have some opinions... because the bump that i was worried about, still didn't go down and its really starting to frustrate me and I cannot call my doctor because he's on holiday until the 23rd of july... I have literally been waiting 3 weeks to talk to him about this because he's on holiday... Feels really great to know u can count on someone when really needed... I know a lot of people told me its just swelling and i will go down with time but i feel like the bump is getting worse and its really getting to me... :(

Hey guys! so this is week 5 post op and the bump...

Hey guys! so this is week 5 post op and the bump is still there i think its better though and for some reason i have been bleeding a bit from my nose... gotta check that out and impatiently waiting for tomorrow so i can finally ask my doctor if its normal that there is still a bump... what do u guys think? i posted the latest pictures.. xxx

So today it is 6 weeks post-op and i still feel...

So today it is 6 weeks post-op and i still feel like nothing has gone better or swollen down.. starting to feel a bit despressed about it.. Its even more curvy than my original nose!! :(

Hey guys! so its 7 weeks post-op now and I could...

Hey guys! so its 7 weeks post-op now and I could never reach my doctor as he only works on certain days and hours and a week after he came back from vacation, he left again.. What a doctor... Anyways so I guess I cannot even get an answer if its normal that my bump is still there as the swelling has gone down a lot already.. His secretary said not to worry about it I have to give it another month and it will be better... Im seeing him as I have an appointment in a month so I guess I will have to wait in stress... Im so annoyed by this I just need a simple answer and comfort and my own doctor doesn't even have time to reply my email with that as I send my pictures... Anyways I am just going to say if your going to write something on my wall saying you don't see the bump at all and that it is straight, then don't post it because I can clearly see it and so can you. However advice on how long the process still takes and other things would be great.. Thank you

Hey so it's 2 months post-op now and I feel like...

Hey so it's 2 months post-op now and I feel like my nose is smaller so very happy for that but the bump is still there... Im going to see my doctor in 2 weeks so that will make me feel better i think what do u guys think? i posted some pictures..
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I'm having a rhinoplasty revision in 2 days in Belgium too,
can you tell me who your doctor is?
And I think your nose is like it used to be, only waaay smaller - so thats good no?

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What did your dr. say - did you finally get to see him? He can probably fix it
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I just got my first nose job last summer, in August. I say my FIRST, because I just got a revision done a week ago. About 1 month post-op I started to notice a bump (on my bridge), and I, naturally, freaked out. In my case, it turned out to be a cartilage graft that had slipped (they only connect it to the nose with ONE suture, can you believe that?) I went in for a very minor procedure last Tuesday and she shaved that sucker down. With my first nose job I noticed so much swelling in my tip, but it reduced so so so much by the time this nose job came around. Now that I'm healing again, the tip is, once again, HUGE, but I know from experience, it will greatly reduce in size. This is the case with most nose jobs. Most take between 1-2 to completely be swell free (that's all in the tip!). Don't worry about it! Based just on your pictures I can see that swelling has gone down. But believe me, it takes forever!
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Hi KOOKY 92 ....... I just did the same operation that you did. And its 2 days after removing the cast and my nose still have a small bump and i feel horrible. What do you think about the bump ? Its the bone or because it is swollen ??? thanks for reading
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Wow I'm having a hard time understanding what you dislike about it? I don't see any profile bump and your frontal shots are wonderful. Maybe the camera isn't picking up what your describing because I don't see anything but a nice straight profile...
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Shalom)You are lucky that you havent hade rhinoplasty done here in Israel.
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Shalom! oh why? is it bad here?
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It is that bad.There is an absolute lack in esthetic sense.How come you are going to work in Israel on a vacation?
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Hey Kooky I just wanted to let you know that ive been taking a picture of my nose almost once a week to see improvements. It's unreal but the first weeks after the cast got removed I was very swollen and it looked I still had a bump. It is slowly getting better and right now it looks I have a small bump from the 3/4 views. My doc is prolly going to give me steroids injections. For now I am putting a steroid cream (but it seems it's doing nothing). I remember putting arnica gel on top of the bridge the first weeks after the cast was removed and it made a huge difference. keep in mind that the swelling is inside so not that many creams help, ONLY TIME. i am going to post a pic on my profile to give you and idea of how my nose looked after the cast was removed and how the bump is slowly improving after months. we are slow healers. and i hope it;s just swelling and not actual bone! I am tripping too!!! and for the collage website go to fotoflexer.com HUGS
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Thank you for the tips! :) i checked your profile and your so right i hope mine will be like that too cannot waiiit argg u look amazing though!! x
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Hey! Just wanted to let you know that your nose looks great! If you look at the 3/4 view of your nose there is a HUGE difference, and a difference from your profile ( it looks smaller). You were lucky to not have an ugly profile to begin with so it now is just a good improvement! Also, I am at 4 month post op and still seeing little changes. It takes time, but be happy :)
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Thank you but Im still worried the curve downwards is more than before and I really do not want that!! I asked for it to be straight so.. thanks for the support though...
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Hang in there, you have a long way to go. I'm sorry you are disappointed but it does look much smaller than before and you still look pretty.
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Thank you :)
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Hey I just wanted to share my opinion with you because I feel me and you are on the same boat. I can totally relate with you and the way you are feeling right now. I was feeling like that the first weeks after the cast came out (read my review). I guess we both picked a conservative surgeon that wanted to play it safe and give us a more natural look. I see lots of beautiful results on this website and now i'm 3 months post op and I wish my results will be more ''drastic'' and noticeable. Instead, my doc just removed the hump but didn't make my nose smaller (like I was hoping). Don't worry about it. Your nose looks good and I can understand what do you mean by saying it looks the same as before. It does NOT look the same, there is a difference (like in my case) You are just a little over 2 weeks so there is a looooong way to go. My nose stayed the same the first month and then on the 2nd started changing and it will keep on changing for a year. Don't start with the negative attitude, you need to stay positive and see the good part of it: it does look different!!! Good luck :)
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I replied on your review thank you for sharing your story and making me therefore feel more at ease x
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Your nose looks absolutely beautiful, I think it looks really good! I like it don't worry about it, it was definately worth it!
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Im not sure.. well have to wait and see because in the end Im the one that has to live with it and be happy... Thank you
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Sorry you didn't get the result you were looking for. Talk it over with your doctor when he gets back, he may do something for you for free. It does look noticeably smaller and you still look like you which is the best thing after a rhinoplasty.
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Thank you and I see u also weren't happy with your result.. I think only time can tell...
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Hey Julia! I think you're freaking out too much right now :( yes, you're swollen but I think that with time you'll see a big difference. Remember that it takes almost a full year for swelling to subside & then you'll see your final results! It's annoying to think that your nose won't heal, I know, but it will! I know you want support right now & you've got tons :) so just be patient, you'll see your doc next month (which I think is pretty messed up on his part >:/ ) & hopefully by then you'll have a totally different attitude towards your results! Good or bad, you'll still get to share it with your doc, because only he can determine what will change, since he did your nose & used his own unique procedure. Be patient & don't freak out so much! You look great :)
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Heey! Yeah ur right but still its normal especially after surgery to want things to be perfect i do not want to have to go throughout his again... Thank you so much for ur lovely message it really helps me through and gives me the moral support i need :) you don't need to worry about your at all, its perfect!!!
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Thanks dear! & yes I totally understand how you feel, just keep us updated okay? & be happy!
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I can see a big difference, the nose is definitely smaller. I wouldn't worry too much about the final shape now, I think you still look swollen, and it will change as the swelling goes down.
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Thank you Blairebee but I'm still very stressed that the shape is going to remain the same...
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