Lipodissolve- DOESN'T WORK

The procedure is extremely painful. The swelling...

The procedure is extremely painful. The swelling was unbelievable; So much so that I had to buy new pants because the waist no longer fit, even in the baggiest of my wardrobe. The bruising was appalling and the treated area remained bruised, irritated, swollen, and painful for over a week at a time. There IS down time after the procedure. Don't believe the hype... But do believe that I am seeing an attorney to get me a refund. The "100% money back gaurantee" is not true either!
HI Kirk, I have been looking for a good smart lipo, slim lipo, lipo dissolve Dr. in Las Vegas. Could help me out? Greatly appreciated : )
Gina, I wonder if they are ulcerated? They are so painfull a tap on my legs is like a shock. I also have indentations worse than the cellite where they did the injections. I am going to see a Neor and a {edited}. He is supose to be the one who brought Lipo Dissolve to the USA. I want to get his opinion. Are you now happy with the injections and see results? What area did you have done? geegee morgan {edited contact information} call me or give my your number and I will call you. Editor note you must be contacted privately to receive the information you requested. Other users may contact you privately by clicking on your username.
Geegee - email me privately thru {edited contact information} and we will exchange phone numbers. I need to talk to you about it all. Editor note To contact this user privately click on their username.
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