The RealSelf 100: Doctors Remaking The Face Of Medical Beauty On Social Media

Nicole Karlis on 18 Apr 2013 at 10:00am

The RealSelf 100 in Times Square!

One hundred of the premier influencers in the industry. 

Doctors are incredibly busy just attending to their patients' needs, but that doesn't keep a select group of them from connecting to consumers in the most innovative and influential ways possible. 

Based on their responses to patient questions and feedback, RealSelf has awarded 100 plastic surgeons, dermatologists and beyond, The RealSelf 100 award.  This group has proven their dedication to their practices and moving the medical industry forward by taking hours and hours to answer questions on the RealSelf doctor Q&As.

“The RealSelf 100 represents doctors who harness the power of social media and our community in order to make a positive difference. We see this award as a way for our 3.5 million monthly visitors to express a collective ‘thank you’ for the dedication and support," said Tom Seery, CEO and Founder of RealSelf. 

Read the full list of awarded doctors here

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Congratulations to our wonderful doctors!!!!

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hi , just wondered how do i reply back to a doctor when he answeres a question I have posted with a question back to me?
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Hi citruspie,

It depends on what they're asking. If they want more information about your question, you can post a follow-up question here:

Mark your new question as a follow up and we'll link them together so doctors have the full story.

If it's a personal and private question, like setting up a consultation, you can visit the doctor's profile and use the private contact form.

Hope this helps! Please send us an email if you run into any problems.


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On November 2nd, 2011 I had the gastric bypass surgery. I was 388 pounds+ and I've lost almost 200 pounds. I plan on losing 50 more pounds. I'm looking for a plastic surgeon or cosmetic surgeon who accepts Medicare and Medicaid to pay for the post bariatric surgeries that are still necessary.
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Hi marcypalmtree.  Congrats on your weight loss, very exciting.  You can use to look for doctors near you or visit the treatment pages directly to see reviews from other patients and the doctors they used:, are two examples.

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