When is It Too Late to Start Breast Massage After Augmentation?

I am 5 months post op breast augmentation. I am 28 years old, had 350cc silicone HP Mentor textured implants sub-glandular. (was a large A / small B) My PS told me by 3 months they would be in the final position and at the final firmness. She checked at 3mnths said the capsule was forming normally, no cc. However they are still really hard. I did not do much massage as they are textured, but exercise daily. Will they A) Still soften? and B) If I start massage now is it too late?

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Textured implants and massage?


First, not all surgeons believe in advising patients to massage. Second it is only really recommended for smooth implants. 

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You see final result of breast implants at 3 months.



I am sorry to tell you that breast implants are not going to get better.  And massage does not help, early or late. I am not sure why they are hard, but probably capsular contracture.  In any case I think revision will help.

George J. Beraka, MD (retired)
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No therapeutic advantage to massaging the breasts after breast augmentation.


There is no evidence that massaging the breasts has any benefits after breast augmentation. Early on it should probably be avoided.

Vincent N. Zubowicz, MD
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Massage is not commonly used on textured implants


At 5 months post op your capsules are likely mature with respect to both tightness and position, and thus massage at this point is probably fruitless.  In addition to that, although the Mentor texturing is not a "high pile" texture and you won't see tissue ingrowth with it, we typically don't have our patients with textured implants massage.  In addition to any effects that texturing may have on preventing capsule contracture, it will also add to the friction between the implant and the tissues, and if your implants are too high at this stage of the game, they were probably always too high, the texturing would have prevented any significant "dropping" over time, and the only way at this point to position them more appropriately is to do it surgically.  If you have capsule contracture, you can take a medication to help soften the capsule, but it still is unlikely to cause the implants to physically move.  The only way to determine whether you have capsule contracture or not is to have an exam by your surgeon.  Even with textured implants that can still occur unfortunately, so I think it needs to be considered.  At this point the main question to ask yourself is what is bothering you about the breasts.  If it is the position of the implants, then you should really prepare yourself to undergo another procedure to correct this if it bothers you enough.  If, on the other hand, it is firmness, it may be worth a trial of Singulair to see if the capsules will soften at this point, but if they don't, then you will need a surgical capsulectomy to address the problem.  Either way, I wouldn't hold out much hope that massage will be the magic bullet, as it probably wouldn't matter one way or the other.

Joseph L. Grzeskiewicz, MD
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Breast massage after breast augmentation


You can massage your breasts if you like, but this will not likely influence whether you develop capsular contracture.  I do not think you can do a randomized double blinded study to see if massage makes any difference.  How hard to push, how many times a day, for how long, are you a smoker, have diabetes etc.  Also, capsular contracture can occur a year after surgery or thirty years after surgery, so do you need to massage for the next thirty years?  No one really knows.  I do not have patients massage their breasts, I can assure you that I rarely every see a patient develop capsular contracture with having placed several thousand implants.

Todd C. Case, MD
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Breast Massage 5 Weeks After Breast Augmentation


It is not too late to start the breast massages, but it is very important to follow up with your Plastic Surgeon to make sure that you do not get capsular contractures.  You need to know how the breast are suppose to feel in case of any changes.  Best wishes!

Robert E. Zaworski, MD
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When is It Too Late to Start Breast Massage After Augmentation?


They may still soften

It is not too late to start massage. 

Check with your surgeon, as there seems to be a disconnect between your idea of soft and your surgeon's. It may well be that you are expecting something softer than may be possible. For example, the breast can't really feel softer than the implant itself.  As her next visit if the implants feel soft, noting that to you they feel firm. All the best. 

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon
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