How Much Does Breast Reduction Cost?

I am quite sure my insurance plan cant cover the cost of breast reduction surgery. They don't consider it a medical necessity even though my breasts are causing me severe back pain and neck aches. About how much is a great plastic surgeon going to charge for a breast reduction? Does this include anesthesia too?  Warm thank you for helping me

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Atlanta Breast Reduction Price $6,550.00

If insurance denies coverage of your breast reduction the cost of the breast reduction at our facility is $6,550.00. This includes the physicians fee, anesthesia fee, facility fee and all of your follow up visits after surgery. Keep in mind that most surgery centers in this day and time have payment plans. The additional costs would be a lab work up, prescriptions, and pathology.

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Cost of a Breast reduction

The cost of a breast reduction varies from state to state. Currently in southern Oregon, the going rate is around $6000.00 for the surgery, operating room, and anesthesia (whole package). The surgeries performed here are done on an out-patient basis in a State certified ambulatory surgery center. 

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Breast Reduction

Hello. The fees for any surgery vary on many different aspects such as; location, facility fee, anesthesia fees and surgeon fees. The price for a breast reduction can fluctuate widely in Orlando. The best way to determine the price is to consult with a board certified surgeon. During a consultation the surgeon and staff can assist you in finding an option for financing.  


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Breast reduction fees are going to vary

Hi there-

As with anything else, surgical fees and costs are going to vary depending on where you live, the details of the the procedure in question, and the experience and reputation of the surgeon. I think the most important thing to emphasize to you is the importance of finding a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon that you like and feel comfortable with, and who you believe can do a good job for you (ask how often they do breast reduction).

Once you have found someone you feel can help you, then worry about the costs. Many fine financing options exist, and any good surgeon is going to even have staff able to help you with the paperwork--so find the right surgeon first. I hope that helps.

Breast Reduction Cost vs Insurance Coverage

Thank you for your question.  While insurance companies have definitely become much more stringent with approving medical necessity for a breast reduction procedure, you should not count this option out until a board certified plastic surgeon has submitted a case to your insurance company on your behalf and received a denial.  Every insurance company has set forth guidelines and criteria that must be met in order for medical necessity to be considered and this often requires photographs and letters from other physicians across different specialties attesting to failed past conservative management.    

Like other cosmetic surgical procedures, the cost for a breast reduction will vary depending upon where you live, the procedure in question, reputation and experience of the operating surgeon and location of the surgery (out patient ambulatory center or hospital setting).  One of the most important considerations and something that I would highly stress to you is the importance of seeking out a board certified plastic surgeon who you trust and who specializes in breast reduction procedures.  In New York, for example, the average cost for a breast reduction is between $10,000 to $12,000.

Keep in mind that the best deal is not always the best option.  Good luck!

98.7% of Patients say Breast Reduction is Worth It!

Most insurance companies cover breast reduction because it is a very functional procedure.  In a large outcome study, approximately 90 % of the major symptoms; (back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, shoulder strap grooving and rash beneath the breast), and 50% of headaches,  are either eliminated or improved with breast reduction. 
Women report an ability to breathe better, sleep better, exercise better and fit in clothing better after breast reduction. 

A few insurance companies expressly exclude breast reduction, but not that many.   Your plastic surgeon can help you determine if you have insurance coverage for breast reduction.  Most women do.   

However in the modern world of no insurance, under-insurance, and high deductibles, many patients fall short of getting an insurance to cover their reduction. 

Therefore, most plastic surgeons offer a 'cosmetic' price for breast reduction.  The average price on RealSelf is $6,725.  

My fee for cosmetic breast reduction is $6240.  

This includes:  
The facility fee in our Joint Commission accredited Surgicenter (the highest form accreditation, the only one in Savannah).  
The anesthesia fees
The surgeons fees.  

Breast Reduction has a very high satisfaction rate. In a large outcome study, 98.7% of women were either Very Glad, or Glad that they had breast reduction. 

The vast majority of my breast reduction patients over the age of 30 say:  "My only regret is that I wish that I had done it sooner!"

Breast Reduction Dallas/Plano/ Frisco

If breast reduction is not covered by your insurance plan or you do not meet their sometimes ridiculous criteria,
the surgery can be performed as a cosmetic procedure. Costs inclusive of anesthesia, facility fee and surgeons fee can run between $6000 and $10,000. There are a number of financing plans that are available from companies such as that have reasonable terms. I find breast reduction surgery to be a very gratifying in that in addition to relief of physical symptoms, it enhances a womans self confidence and often opens up a whole world of wardrobe options dresses, swim suits etc that one may have been to self conscious to wear with large breasts. Speak to a local Board Certified Plastic Surgeon to discuss your options. They'll be happy to help in any way!

Cost of Breast Reduction

Generally breast reductions are covered by insurance. If you go for a consultation to a Plastic Surgeon their office staff should be able to help guide you through the process of having your surgery approved by your insurance company.

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Breast reduction cost

The cost of breast reduction will need to factor in the cost of anesthesia, facility and surgeon's fee and the overall time it takes to the procedure.  The cost can vary from $6K to 10K depending on what is involved with the procedure.


Breast reduction, or reduction mammaplasty patients are among the most satisfied of all plastic surgery patients. Large breasts (macromastia) can often decrease quality of life for a woman. With breast reduction, you can have smaller breasts that sit higher on your chest wall. You will also find relief in your neck and back with the decrease in weight and more ergonomic position of your breasts.
There are several different variations of breast reduction, differing by size, and amount of incisions; procedure; and the results. The different types of reduction techniques include: The wise pattern breast lift, the anchor shaped incision, and the donut mastopexy.
1. The wise pattern breast lift involves an anchor-shaped incision around the natural contour of the breast. To most patients surprise, this scar is mostly hidden under the inferior aspect of the breast. However, the scar around the nipple/areola is visible. Most patients heal this anchor type scar very well and are satisfied with smaller areola in exchange for the scars. This surgery is used when there is a lot of excess skin that needs to be removed in order to lift the breast and give it a more aesthetic shape.
2. Often times, the anchor shaped incision can me diminished to create a lollipop or J shaped incision. This results in some excess skin at the inferior aspect of the breast near the breast crease that will flatten out over a 6 month period. Some patients are willing to tolerate this excess skin for 6 months in exchange for a smaller scar. This is a personal decision that each patient can make.
3. The donut mastopexy involves creating an incision around the areola and removing a doughnut-shaped area of skin. This surgery can be used for patients that need a smaller amount of lifting. This surgery results in a scrunched-up look to the breast skin surrounding the areola for about 6 months before it flattens out. Patients need to be understanding and tolerant of this in exchange for an areola-only scar. These patients do run the risk of areola widening as well.
Insurance may cover some of these cases when back pain, shoulder bra-notching, and rashes under the breast are present. Insurances vary though and your doctor can submit a report and photos to see if your insurance approves your procedure.
The risks of the procedure include bleeding, infection, bruising, poor scarring, pain, swelling, and changes to nipple and areola sensation, and rarely, partial or total nipple loss. In general, however, breast reduction patients are some of the most satisfied and grateful plastic surgery patients. This is truly a life-changing procedure. In my area, the cost ranges from 6700-8500.  Best of luck!

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