Wearing Compression Garment After Tumescent Liposuction?

How long should you wear compression garments? I am having a lot of swelling if I don't wear one. Its been 19 days since the procedure. What should I do to decrease swelling and water retention?

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Compression Garment after SAL


I advise my patient to wear the compression garment for 24 hours a day for the first 2 weeks after surgery and 12 hours a day for the next 2 weeks after surgery. The compression garment will help with the swelling and also with skin tightening. At this point you may look into getting lymphatic massage as the garment will probably not help much. Also, I would advise you to decrease your activity level because this can lead to more swelling during the recovery period. Good luck.

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Compression garments speed up recovery after liposuction



Compression garments prevent excessive swelling right after surgery, and then work to speed up the recovery by speeding up resorption of tissue fluid (swelling).  They also help to contour the liposuctioned areas.  In addition to garments we also instruct our patients to massage all liposuctioned areas.  Initially you will have some lumps, which need to be massaged.  These lumps are a combination of swelling, scarring, and residual fat.  This needs to be massaged to smooth out.  Think of it as clay, which you want to smooth out before it dries and hardens.  We recommend that our patients continue massage for up to three months for ideal results


Martin Jugenburg, MD

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Compression Garments Following Liposuction


Patients who undergo tumescent liposuction can expect swelling and discomfort following this procedure.  In an effort to decrease swelling, most surgeons utilize compression garments in the post- operative period.  Although each patient should be considered individually, we generally recommend three to four weeks of compression following liposuction.

Compression minimizes swelling and decreases post-operative pain.  It helps to remodel the soft tissue by collapsing tunnels created by the liposuction cannula during the procedure.  Compression contributes significantly to the contour improvement seen with this procedure.

Swelling and water retention following tumescent liposuction can be reduced with compression massage, exercise and low salt diets.  These maneuvers ultimately improve the post-operative experience by minimizing swelling and discomfort following this procedure.

Omaha Plastic Surgeon
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Compression garments after liposuction


Compression garments help to control the post op swelling. I advise my patients to wear them 24x7 for 4 weeks, and for 12 hours over the next 4 weeks. Our post op protocol also involves anti inflammatory / anti edema meds for a week post op & lymphatic massage. The massage sessions are started after 7-10 days following the procedure.

India Plastic Surgeon
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Wearing compression garment after liposuction


I generally advise my patients to wear the compression garment for 6 weeks after liposuction.  I am also a big fan of lymphatic drainage massage to help decrease swelling, but I advise speaking with your surgeon to get his or her recommendations.

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Tumescent Lipo


You should plan on a good six to eight weeks of use. Thank you for your question and good luck with everything.

Web reference: http://www.elitemdspa.info/

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Compression garments after lipo


I counsel patients to wear compression 24/7 for 1 week following treatment, and then 12 hours daily for up to 1 month.  Compression does reduce swelling.  Swelling can worsen 2-4 weeks after the procedure, the skin may "harden" at that time, but will improve by 2-3 months.  This is all expected and part of the healing process.  In fact, the skin hardening or "induration" can signal good skin tightening to come.  However, prolonged swelling outside this window, redness, swelling, fever, or symptoms that seem unusual should be reported to your surgeon.

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Wearing your liposuction garment


Every surgeon is different with their post op directions to their patients so I would follow your surgeon's direction for after surgery. I normally recommend that the compression garment is worn for (on average) 4 weeks depending on exactly what areas were treated.  

Web reference: http://www.poustiplasticsurgery.com/Procedures/procedure_liposuction.htm

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Compression garments after liposuction


You'll find a different answer from almost every surgeon!  It's a surgeon preference thing, rather than being scientifically proven.

I recommend 2 weeks of 24 hours per day, then 2 weeks of 12+ hours per day, then patient discretion thereafter.

Orlando Plastic Surgeon
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Swelling can take months to resolve completely


I advise my patients to wear their compression garments for a minimum of 6 weeks, some patients even longer.  This will help reduce your edema and improve your contour.  Gradually increasing your activity as tolerated; this will also help.  Your symptoms are very normal so soon after your procedure.   Warmest regards, Dr. Pippin.

Metairie Facial Plastic Surgeon
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