Do I Have Waterfall Deformity Post BA? (photo)

I am only 1 day post surgery but i'm very worried i have 'waterfall deformity' my implants sits very high and my natual breast tissue appears to be dropping over it. Im aware i need to allow time for the implant to settle and drop but im very worried as my pictures do not look like other pictures ive seen post op. i was previously a 12 B (full) with minor droop & implants were placed behind the muscles Allergan 325 CC round/textured/ high profile. Do i appear to have 'waterfall deformity'?

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"Waterfall Deformity"

You are one day post surgery and need to give your new breast implants time to drop into the breast pocket.  Most Breast Augmentation patients who are one day post surgery look a bit distorted.  Remember, your breast tissue is stretching to accommodate your new implants.  You need to concentrate on healing. When you see your surgeon, I'm sure he/she will be showing you exercises to help move the implants down.   

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