How Soon Can I do Water Sports After a Mommy Makeover?

I am looking at having a mommy makeover done at begging of June. I would like to know how soon before can go water skiing, tubing, go on amusement rides?

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Four weeks for water sports after mommy makeover.


These are the rules of thumb:

1)  at two weeks, moderate exercise that does not cause pain.

2)  at four weeks, running.

3)  after six weeks, no restrictions.


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How Soon Can I do Water Sports After a Mommy Makeover?

In general, if you have an uncomplicated recovery, you can be in a hot tub or pool at 2 to 3 weeks postoperative. You will have to limit your exertion in the beginning, and resume vigorous exercise no sooner than 6 weeks postoperative.

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Tummy tuck and water sports.

Thank you for your post. In general, your incisions need to be perfect, all drains removed and the drain site healed perfect, and the muscle repair needs to be mature with no areas of fluid collection. If the incisions are not perfect, or drain site, then you are at risk of infection in pools, hot tubs, oceans/lakes. You don't have to have perfect incisions to shower, just not submerge in bath or the above. However, I ask my patients to wear their abdominal binder non-stop, except for showers, for at least 4 weeks, so unless you want to hang out at the beach with your binder, then no beach. Physical water sports, however is a different story.  You should only start doing heavy physical activity at 6 weeks, and then slowly ease into it, not all at once.
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Mommy Makeover

This all will depend on your healing and recovery.  Usually 4-6 weeks is the transition to more vigorous activities.  The recovery is different for everyone.

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Water sports post mommy makeover

Recovery can vary between patients depending on the severity and complexity of each individual case. If all goes well with the healing process and there are no complications, you should be able to participate in outdoor activities, such as water sports at about 2-3 months post surgery. Consult your surgeon with specific questions or concerns.

Activity After Mommy Makeover

Return to regular activity after primary breast augmentation is about three weeks. If you have an augmentation with a lift, three to four weeks.

Activity after tummy tuck, is usually light after four weeks.  Full activity, can generally be resumed after six to eight weeks.

Let discomfort be your guide.

Return to activity after a mommy makeover

I recommend to my patients waiting 6 weeks before any contact sports or extreme physical activity, including amusement park rides.

How soon can one do water sports after a mommy makeover

After a mommy makeover one can get back in the water in about  three weeks, for light activities.  However for more strenuous activities such as water skiing, tubing and amusement rides, I would wait six weeks.

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Six weeks. Granted all the incisions are well healed.

I recommend starting full exercise only after six weeks.  I do however encourage patients to stay active from 2 weeks post operation.  I restrict exercises where the abdominal muscle is fully stressed for 6 months.

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Healing Time Frame

A Mommy Makeover consists of several different operations on different parts of the body. Since you have not mentioned the exact procedure it is not possible to properly respond to your question.

If you have had a tummy tuck with muscle plication procedure I generally advise my patients to avoid sports which involve the abdominal muscles for at least

  • two months.

That is if you have healed completely with no problems or complications.

The same would be true for a brachioplasy procedure. If at anytime you feel discomfort or tension at your surgical site you should stop the sports activity and see your surgeon.

For a breast lift surgery, uncomplicated healing of at least

  • six weeks is usually adequate.

If you have had breast implants or breast reduction without complications,

  • eight weeks is usually recommended.
  • I would not recommend water skiing for 4 months.

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