How Much Weight to Gain for Brazilian Butt Lift?

Hello I am 21 years old female 5 foot 2 and very athletic weight 118 pounds. I have been doing lunges to the extreme and my butt is fortunately very muscular and round but it does not have any projection or fat at all. I want to do the Brazilian butt lift and I know I do not have any fat to give however I am planning to gain weight for the next 4 months. I want 700 cc per cheek for the fat transfer to my butt and hips. Is it healthy to gain 30 pounds in 4 months?

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Not healthy to gain excess of weight anywhere/ no es saludable ganar exceso de peso

you should get no more than 10-15% overweight according to your age-height relation that would it be enough  to get as 800 cc of fat tissue on each butt.

no deberias  de estar excedidda de peso mas alla del 15% de tu peso para obtener una aumento como de 800 cc  en cada pompa

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