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Vanquish Vs. Exilis: What's the Difference?

BTL makes both Exilis and Vanquish. What's the difference between these two treatments and how do I know which one's right for me?

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The Difference Between Vanquish and Exilis

Here are a few differences between Vanquish and Exilis:

Vanquish uses radio-frequency energy for large areas. Vanquish is best for the abdomen. New applicators are being developed for other trouble areas

Exilis also uses radio-frequency, but is more targeted and can also help some with skin tightening. Exilis works great on the neck and jowls. 

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Vanquish or Exilis

thank you for your question. Vanquish is one of the best noninvasive fat reduction devices on the market and painlessly melts fat from the waist and flanks simultaneously. Our San Diego clients are very pleased. Ideal candidates have isolated areas of fat excess and no pacemaker or implanted metal devices. Consult with an experienced Vanquish provider to see if you are a candidate. Good Luck!

Roy A. David, MD
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Vanquish vs Exilis

Both devices are made by BTL Aesthetics.  We have both the Exilis Elite and the Vanquish.  The difference between them in terms of the treatment is that the Exilis requires contact with the skin and the radiofrequency is better for skin tightening.  The Vanquish has no contact with the skin and is most effective for fat reduction.  You can combine both of them but probably not on the same day.

Dr. Liu

Grace Liu, MD
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Vanquish and Exilis both utilize radiofrequency energy.

There are many devices available on the market now for non-surgical/non-invasive facial rejuvenation and body contouring.  In our office, we utilize many of these devices including Ultherapy, Exilis Elite, Vanquish, VelaShape III, and CoolSculpting.  All of these devices provide nice results.  For body contouring, we utilize our Exilis Elite for skin tightening as well as localized body contouring, CoolSculpting for localized body contouring, and Vanquish for diffuse truncal fat reduction.  Exilis Elite and Vanquish utilize radiofrequency energy to achieve its results.  Exilis is more localized to where the handpiece is while Vanquish creates a wide field or blanket of energy and heat.

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Vanquish versus exilis

Both Vanquish and exilis use radiofrequency energy but the delivery methods are different. For exilis, the energy is delivered through a handpiece that is moved over the skin in a rapid circular motion, heating skin and fat/deep tissue. I like this for tightening, toning, and for reduction of small areas of fat (small outer or inner thighs, small pockets of fat on the belly, backs of the arms).

Vanquish creates a different energy field that more specifically targets fat and not skin. It also treats a larger area - abdomen and flanks in same session for example - and this can give better circumferential reduction. Vanquish will not tighten and tone like Exilis.

Vanquish vs Exilis - Differences Explained

Vanquish and Exilis are based off the same technology - radiofrequency - and are made by the same company, BTL.

Exilis is FDA-approved for skin tightening. It is used with a hand-held applicator to treat areas of skin laxity on the neck and body including the jawline and under the chin, abdomen, knees, hips, and other areas where skin might be loose. In some areas, such as the abdomen, reduction in circumference may also occur. Exilis creates heat in the tissue, and should feel warm not hot. The Exilis procedure, depending on the area of treatment, takes around 15-45 minutes to complete and is done as a series of treatments monthly, usually 2-4 sessions total. The treatment consists of the handpiece being swirled around in a continuous motion in the treatment area. There is no downtime.

Vanquish is FDA-approved for deep tissue heating that results in fat reduction. It is specifically tuned to target and heat only the fat layer, resulting in fat elimination in the area of treatment. It has an extremely large treatment "spot" size, such that the abdomen and sides of the waist (flanks) can be treated together during a 30 minute procedure. Typically 4-6 sessions are performed on a weekly basis. In a large clinical study of several hundred patients, patients lost on average 2 1/4 inches off their waistline. There is no pain with treatment, it feels like a warm blanket. There is no downtime.

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Exilis and Vanquish

Exilis and Vanquish both utilize radiofrequency.  However, the delivery system and indications are different for the two devices.  

Exilis requires contact with the skin and can be used in multiple areas (face, neck, abdomen, flanks, thighs, etc) for skin tightening.  The device is moved in small circular motions during the treatment session.  Some fat reduction can be noticed with the Exilis.

Vanquish is FDA approved for deep tissue heating and requires no direct skin contact.  The device is positioned over the treatment area, and the radiofrequency is distributed to the entire area.  Vanquish is great for circumferential fat reduction.

With both devices, patients experience a gentle heating of the skin.  There are many non surgical options available, and your provider can help determine which is best for your needs.

Kent V. Hasen, MD
Naples Plastic Surgeon
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