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I Had Ulthera Done 3 Days Ago, but I Don't Feel Any Soreness or Tightening at All. Normal?

If I don't feel any soreness or tightening after 4 days of Ulthera, does that mean it is not working at all. My other friends all had strong soreness and a tightening feeling but I have absolutely NONE. I also don't see any effect, actually today my face is more saggy than before the procedure. Very disappointed and worried I totally wasted my money as it is expensive (and very painful)!

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Ultherapy discomfort - varies from person to person

The fact you don't have any soreness and tightening after 4 days is normal.  Some people continue to have some hypersensitive areas for days after the procedure, while others have no discomfort.  Don't get discouraged about the lack of tightening after 4 days.  I would plan to make your return visit at a month and again a three months to get photos.  Feel free to post them on Real Self to share with the community.  You should start to see some changes at that time.  Good luck and be patient.

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What to Expect Following Ultherapy

Many patients have minimal or no discomfort following Ultherapy.  The variables may be the amount of energy that was used during the treatment, or the patient’s own level of pain tolerance.  There are those who experience some tenderness and sensitivity for several weeks following Ultherapy and for others, there is no discomfort at all.  This is not a predictor of your final outcome of the treatment since everyone responds individually with regards to the healing process. Typically the final results from Ultherapy are not visible until around 90 days following the treatment.  I hope you’re pleased with your final result.

Steven L. Ringler, MD, FACS
Grand Rapids Plastic Surgeon
5.0 out of 5 stars 35 reviews

Ultherapy tightens over six months

Not all patients feel soreness after the Ultherapy.  The fact that you felt pain during the treatment indicates that the dermis did absorb energy from the ultrasound energy delivered by the Ulthera.  You will have to be patient for six monts to see the improvement.  Unfortunately not all patients will receive a great result and there are those who did not feel sore afterwards who have great results and those that did feel sore that can't see significant improvement.  The number of lines of treatment may be a factor in the amount of improvement. The 5.0 and the 5+ protocols are different, and individual doctors might be adding more lines in certain areas than the standard protocols.  This may affect an individual's response, as well as the limiting factors of one's sundamaged and aged skin not responding as well as less damaged skin.

Ronald Shelton, MD
Manhattan Dermatologist
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