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I Have Marked Indentations of Fat Cell Loss Due to Ulthera Treatment, Will The Fat Grow Back?

I had ulthera done 5 months ago. I see no difference in the tightness of my face or neck. I now see indentations on my upper cheeks. I feel it melted some of my fat cells. Will this fat grow back? My cheeks now have almost a crease where the treatment left off as they did not treat the lower eye area. I look different..older. I am now considering having a tightening frazel laser treatment to help blend my eye area with my cheeks. Which treatment do you recommend for tightening? Please help me.

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No reports to-date of fat loss with Ulthera

We are not aware of permanent fat loss with Ulthera at this time. Current studies are being investigated. Might you be referring to a tear trough depression? Without an in-person consultation it might be difficult to advise you correctly. 

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