Sex After Tummy Tuck

My husband is in another country and has been for almost 2 years so I rarely get to see him except if I go there for a week or he comes here for a week. This means I have to use other things (toys). I would like to know, how long should I wait before using them safely? I'm at 4 weeks post tummy tuck today.

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Discuss it with your surgeon


Discussing it with your surgeon in a frank way is the best answer, as only he/she knows how healed you are at 4 weeks. Most of our patients resume sexual activity within a month of abdominoplasty, but everyone heals differently and there are specific concerns for each patient. So talk it over with your doctor and you will get the best answer.

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OK to Resume Sexual Activity After 1 Month

I generally ask my patients to wait at least one month after an abdominoplasty before any sexual activity.  After that, it really just depends on how you feel.  If everything feels OK and is not hurting, then it should be safe to do.  Just let your body tell you what you can and cannot do.  If you get sore, just back off.  But, if it feels fine, that means it is ok to do.  I hope this helps.

Sex after Tummy Tuck

Becoming intimate after abdominoplasty or tummy tuck is highly variable and depends on each individual. It depends on how active you are and how long it takes your pain to comfortably subside. You should not do any abdominal exercises for 10 weeks but sex/masterbation is generally acceptable after at least 3-4 weeks as long as you are gentle. Be sure to follow up with your plastic surgeon to see what their specific recommendations are as well.

Sex After Tummy Tuck

I think at 4 to 6 weeks you should be healed enough for sexual activity.  Patients do heal at different rates and you should check with your surgeon prior to commencing your sexual activity.

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Sex after Tummy Tuck

Thank you for your question.

Sexual activity one month after tummy tuck should not be a problem but it would be wise to double check with your plastic surgeon.

Best wishes.

Sex After TT

One month is probably OK to wait after a TT for sexual activity.  This is quite variable though and you should consult your PS for his/her specific advice.

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Activity after a tummy tuck

Discuss this with your surgeon. He/she knows exactly what was done in the surgery and when it is reasonable to resume sexual activity. The internet is not a good place to get this advice.

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