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Repair of Mature Scar That Re-opened After 19 Years?

I had a doctor perf my bowel during a lap band 19 years ago. I woke up with a 10 inch scar that extends both above and below my navel. 9 months ago, I noticed a hemangoma-type bump that rapidly turn into an area that is 4-5 inches of open wound. I am just now getting a plastic surgery consult and I am worried. Does it sound like I need a repair or a possible Tummy Tuck?

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Chronic wound reopening


It is very, concernning that your wound has reopened. there are many many things that could cause this to happen. It is not normal.

You will want to obtain consultations from your general surgeon and a plastic surgeon to see your best option.

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Abdominal Mass many years after surgery


Hi there-

Without examining you, it is not possible to say with certainty what you might be dealing with or its appropriate management, but there is no question that what you describe is not normal.

You should see a surgeon right away.

Web reference:

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New ulcer in old scar


 I agree with others that a scar doesn't ordinarily reopen after 19 years.  Possibilities include a portion of the material of the lap band has eroded through, permanent suture material has eroded through, an infection or some sort of new trauma or a tumor of sorts.

It's hard to know without looking at it but I'd start with a biopsy.  It's possible that depending on how loose the skin is the surgeon may be able to remove the wound entirely and reclose the new wound.

If you are near the St. Louis area, I highly recommend seeing Dr. Christian Paletta at St. Louis University.  He's excellent and will take good care of you.

San Diego Plastic Surgeon

Re-opened scar needs biopsy


I agree with the other docs, but would add that this should be biopsied and this needs to be done soon. This is most likely a benign condition, but the possibility of skin cancer or other malignancies must be considered. You must see your doctor ASAP.

Jupiter Plastic Surgeon
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Delayed complications of lap band


I agree with Dr. Moelleken's & Aldea's recommendations. This is not at all normal and requires a full evaluation and work up to determine the cause as well as the treatment

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Reopened Tummy Wound


The course of events you share above is VERY uncommon. Since "hemangoma-type bump " is not a medical term I would assume you meant a large mass. If sounds like you now have a wound separation with a large hernia. The best course is to see a general surgeon and get either a CT or a MRI to see what exactly is going on. If you share with him that you would like a ?Tummy Tuck, he may recommend several Plastic surgeons he works with which could coordinate your care with.

Memphis Plastic Surgeon
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