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Tummy tuck alone or with liposuction? (Photo)

I'm 5'5 138lbs. I've had 3 kids, one via c section and my last one was born 6 months ago. I've always had hips and don't mind them however now that I'm done having kids I want my flat tummy back. I don't want to be disappointed so I'm wondering if I should get liposuction with my TT. I have my pre-op next week my TT is scheduled 3/6.

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Full tummy tuck with flank lipo

I agree you seem to be a great candidate for a full tummy tuck with some flank liposuction. As always confirm the plans with your surgeon at the preop appt to make sure everyone is on the same page. Surgeons' approaches to tummy tucks can vary, and how and where they do lipo and how much they undermine are variables that depend on the individuals anatomy, where they have excess, and also surgeons experience. In general flank lipo is safe with a full tummy tuck, but liposuction of the tummy tuck flap in a full tummy tuck can be risky. Be sure to discuss with your surgeon thoroughly. 

Flagstaff Plastic Surgeon

Tummy tuck alone or with liposuction?

Based on your photos, you are a candidate for a Tummy Tuck and Liposuction.  It sounds like you should seek a second opinion to confirm your expectations prior to surgery.  It is better to embark on surgery with a clear understanding of what to expect, than to have doubts .

Robert E. Zaworski, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
4.5 out of 5 stars 29 reviews

Tummy tuck alone or with lipo

Hello and thank you for your question.
It sounds like you've already had a consultation and received a plan from your surgeon. If you are not confident with his plan, I would recommend that you obtain another consultation as a second opinion.
Best of luck to you!

David Cangello, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Liposuction during Tummy Tuck

These days, liposuction is a standard part of abdominoplasty. It is used to reduce the amount of undermining of the abdominal skin and fat as well as to blend the abdomen into the flank and hips and reduce the length of the transverse scar. Discuss exactly what you want with your surgeon at your pre-op visit and remind him or her again the day of the procedure. 

TT with Flank Liposuction

I agree with the other surgeons.  You should have a good result with a tummy tuck combined with a small amount of flank liposuction.  This is commonly performed together and helps provide an aesthetic result.  

Good luck, 

Gaurav Bharti

Gaurav Bharti, MD
Johnson City Plastic Surgeon
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Abdominoplasty with liposuction

I agree that you should have a small amount of flank liposuction.  As an add-on procedure, this should be at a token additional cost and it would be financially worthwhile to combine the two rather than to have the liposuction at a later date.

Robert L. Kraft, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Liposuction with tummy tuck

If you have liposuction completed, you only would need a small amount along the flanks to optimize your tummy tuck results. This is often included as part of the tummy tuck procedure. Completing liposuction of a different body location such as the thighs or the back would be completely up to you. A tummy tuck alone with minimal flank liposuction will give you great results.

William T. Stoeckel, MD
Raleigh-Durham Plastic Surgeon
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You definitely will need liposuction with your tummy tuck

Thank you for your question and photograph.  You do look like a good candidate for a tummy tuck but you do have some excess fat beneath the skin which will present maximal tightening of your tummy skin.  Liposuction, conservative liposuction during the course of your tummy tuck will improve your result.

Lipo and TT

Thank you for the pictures.

A tummy tuck in combination with liposuction in the waist, upper and lower back with fat grafting to the buttock will definitely enhance your body shape.

Dr. Campos

Jaime Campos Leon, MD
Mexico Plastic Surgeon
4.5 out of 5 stars 201 reviews

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