Tummy Tuck After Diverticulosis?

I have diverticulosis. In 2003 an access ruptured and I was in the hospital for ten days. I went from 300 pounds to 178 pounds. Today I still have intestinal swelling but I have it under major control. Anyway with all this weight loss, I've wanted to have a tummy tuck in my lower abdomen area. However, since this is the "diverticulitis" area, I'm afraid to tamper with anything. Would surgery affect intestines in anyway? Any thoughts? I do Ab coaster and run five miles a day three days a week.

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Tummy Tuck After Diverticulosis?

The abdominoplasty surgery takes place superficial to the muscular wall of the abdomen. The colon and other organs are all behind the muscles and the surgery has no effect on them. It is conceivable you would need more surgery in the future if you have further complications of diverticulitis but that does not prevent you from having the tummy tuck now.

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Heavier more divirtuculosis risk

yes  you may be operated on any day, please take  care with your spetial divertulosis prevention diet, this  surely improves your weigjt and requirements

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