Are my Implants Being Damaged by Purposefully Wearing a Tight Bra?

I wear a bra(underwire) that is purposely too small with two sportsbras ontop when I run to avoid bouncing. Lately I've had awful awful indentions and severe pain in one of my breasts. Is wearing these bras compromising my implants and could it damage them from the tight pressure. (Cause Rupture,leak etc?)

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It is hard to answer this question without actually seeing the bra in place. However, if the underwire is actually digging into the implant through the skin, then doing this repeatedly could eventually cause implant failure. I imagine that this can occur at either end of the underwire if it were really, really tight. For sports, I would suggest wearing 2 sports bras that fit comfortably. For those times where you want extra cleavage, just wear a bra with extra padding.

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Wearing a tight bra will not hurt your implants

Wearing a tight bra while jogging will give you additional support and is beneficial.  Since you are concerned about "indentations and severe pain in one of [your] breasts", I would definitely recommend the use of a different bra.  Have you had any changes to the appearance of the implant?  A visit to your plastic surgeon should be made to make sure that everything is ok.

Elizabeth S. Harris, MD
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Implants and tight bra

Ordinarily a snug sports bra should be a good thing for comfort and support while running. However you are overdoing it. You should not be getting such indentations and pain. You should show your surgeon what you have beeen wearing while running and make sure nothing abnormal is going on already. Perhaps eliminating the too tight underwire bra but continue with the two spors bras would be better.

Ernest D. Cronin, MD
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Breast implants and bras

The bras would not likely cause a rupture, however it sounds like they are causing some discomfort.  I would try different bras until you find something that is not causing a problem.  If the severe pain is still present then I would have your plastic surgeon evaluate your breasts to make sure there isn't something else going on.  Especially if the indentations do not go away after having the bras off for several hours/days.

Tight jog bras with breast implants

The support offered by a snug jog bra or sports bra will not damage your breast implants, and may actually reduce soreness in the breast induced by exercise. Don't worry about leaks or rupture.

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