Is There an Age Limit on Getting Laser Lipo?

can a 70 year old female get laser lipo for love handels

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Is There an Age Limit on Getting Laser Lipo?

There is no age limit on getting Smart Lipo.  The important factors are you health and your skin quality to determine if you are a suitable candidate for Smart Lipo or any other type of Lipo.

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Surgical clearance for laser liposuction

Laser liposuction is safe. Every patient, regardless of age will have to undergo a basic medical examination for surgical clearance. Raffy Karamanoukian Los Angeles

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Age Limit for Laser Liposuction

No there is not an age limit to have laser liposuction.  The tightening of skin and the smoothness of results are less when you have more skin laxity.  So results may not live up to your expectations.  Seek the advice of a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon to examine you and assess your health.  You should be in good health and not be taking blood thinners or other medications that would interfere with having liposuction.   

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Age Limit and Cosmetic Procedure

There is no distinct age cut off to determine eligibility for cosmetic surgery, including liposuction.  Everyone should be evaluated however to determine if they are a candidate for the surgical procedure.  In addition, they must undergo pre-operative clearance before the actual procedure itself. 

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Liposuction for Someone Who Is 70

As part of the screening process you need to be in good health and not taking any medications that might interfere with the liposuction medication. You can not be taking any blood thinners and many aspirin, ibuprofen, and similar meds cannot be taken within 8 days of having liposuction.

If there are no exclusions, you should be able to handle liposuction of your love handles well.

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Love Handles Respond Very Nicely to Coolsculpting

Hi there-

While there is no reason you could not have liposuction (of any kind- and I am not sure laser liposuction is in your best interests...), I think that you should also investigate Coolsculpting by Zeltiq.

This is a safe, permanent option for fat removal that works very well in the love handle area.

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Smartlipo In The Elderly

Age has little to do with whether Smartlipo, or any form of liposuction, can be done. The important question is how effective it can be given the overlying skin. The quality of one's skin is more of the age issue and how well it will contract down after fat is removed underneath it. While aged skin does not contract as much, most older patients are more tolerant of less than a smooth overlying skin result.

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I will answer this as a generic liposuction question because I do not think that laser lipo offers any advantage over standard tumescent liposuciton. Liposuction is not specificlaly age limited, however, if the individual has poor skin tone, then the skin may become flaccid and loose after the procedure.  An exam of the tissues is critical.

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Is there an age limit in using laser lipo?

Hi Shandell,

There is no age limit to have laser lipo. I must say that because of your age, the results may not be up to your expectations. Please seek a Board Certified Plastic surgeon to examine you and suggest the best treatment plan for you. Best wishes, Dr. H

FYI- standard tumescent lipo is more effective than laser lipo for larger problem areas

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