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Where Could I Find a List of Advance Trained Botox Injectors?

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Botox injector

Usually an advance injector is one of the core four( a plastic surgeon, dermatologist, facial plastic surgeon, or oculoplastic surgeon) and then the person should be board certified. After that, you may want to ask friend as well.  Good luck.

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Top Providers of Botox

The top providers of Botox can be found by visiting the Botox Cosmetic Website. Go to search for provider. Type in your zip code and as far as you would want to travel 10 miles, 25 miles, The top providers will be listed in order. The top designation is Black Diamond, awarded to the top 1% of Botox providers in the country.
This experience means expertise in treatments. Often, more experienced nurse injectors can make a smaller amount of Botox go a long way. Also, remember to look at your nurse. If you prefer a soft and natural look, find a nurse that has a natural look. If you prefer a severe "done look", a natural looking nurse may not be the one to offer that service

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Who are the best Botox Injectors? The answer is so easy...

Thank you for your question.

Botox injection is an art and technique.  It requires experience, meticulous assessment of your face and gentle & precise injection technique.  Experience is extremely valuable,  Being board-certified is a plus.  Make sure he/she is an MD.  Make sure your injector understands the anatomy of the face - plastic surgeons and other facial surgeons spend 5 years and more studying the face so they likely understand better your face.  Being an invited guest (for the Canadian MDs) at the Allergan Academy (F.A.C.E.) annual meeting is a great indication of the expertise the doctor has.  The Allergan team can also help you to find a qualified injector.  Ask to speak to previous patients.  Meet the doctor and his/her staff for a first impression.  Make sure your encounter is not rushed and that the appropriate consent and explanations are discussed.

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Botox injectors

There is no definitive list.  The starting point is the site.  Call 6 physicians from the physician locator in your area. Consult with 2 - 3 who comes across with the requisite experience and expertise. Choose the one who best understands your needs. Generally, it is important the physician himself/herself does the treatment to ensure the best care. The relationship between the physician and patient tends to be long term so choose carefully.

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Botox experts

There is no list  of advance trained botox injectors of which I am aware.  Doctors are usually trained in using Botox, Dysport, Xeomin, by attendings in their residency programs and continued medical education thereafter by reading journal articles, observing other practices, reviewing medical DVDs and attending conferences.  Some doctors assign botox injections to their physician extender staff of PAs or RNs, whereas in many practices, the physician does the injections.

Ronald Shelton, MD
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Finding an advanced botox injector

The best botox injectors are dermatologists and plastic surgeons who have the medical & anatomic training, as well as a finer understanding of beauty and all the varied treatment options. It is not easy to find such a list other than to ensure that your physician is highly trained (e.g. dermatologist & plastic surgeon), and asking around in your area who people have used & liked.

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Finding a good Botox injector

Here are some ideas to find a good injector!

1. Go on the website and put in your zip code. This will give you a list of local offices that at least purchase their products from Allergan. This is important in today's world of knock offs and rip off products!

2. Select some people from the list and call their office, or visit their websites too. Ask questions! Like: does the doctor do the injections? how long has he/she been doing the injections? how many injections does he/she typically do a week? (This will give you some idea of how experienced the office and doctor are. Offices not willing to share or answer these questions, aren't worth going to!)

3. Ask your friends! Or neighbors! Referrals are sometimes the best way to find reliable, good doctors.

4. Schedule a consultation and meet the doctor. Trust your instincts.

F. Victor Rueckl, MD
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Trained Botox injectors

I would not trust the list that Allergan puts out. They will "train" anyone with an MD degree, regardless of their subsequent residency training. It is certainly not guarantee of quality. Bottom line is experience and reputation. Kind of like how you decide on a personal physician.

Peter T. Truong, MD
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If you are in Canada, visit

If you are in Canada, visit

Put in your postal code and you will see a list of physician practices provided by Allergan.

The quality of care may vary quite a bit in that group, but all at least meet moderate standards.

A similar service may be available from Allergan in other countries.

Kevin C. Smith, MD
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Qualified Botox injectors

Board certified dermatologists and plastic surgeons are likely to have a lot of expertise in botox injections. You also want to make sure that the doctor himself performs the injectors, as opposed to a nurse on staff.

Robert L. Kraft, MD
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