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What is the White Pimple on Tummy Tuck Incision?

Hi, I am currently 8 weeks post op from a full tummy tuck with muscle repair. I have been healing wonderfully. Yesterday a small pimple like bump that was white in color formed on my scar. After about a day it just popped on its own and a small amount of white puss I guess came out. It looks superficial. I didn't see a stitch or anything with it to make me think it was a popping stitch. It looks ok now just a little red. What was this and should I be concerned or go see my doctor?

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Stitch abcess


Your body just spit out a dissolvable suture most likely.  This is common and no problem.  Check with your doctor to be sure.

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Pimple in incision line


This is likely a stitch abscess from a suture that is working to the surface.  It sometimes requires removal to clear up the problem.  Donald R. Nunn MD  Atlanta Plastic Surgeon.

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Stitch Abscess after Tummy Tuck?


Congratulations on your recent tummy tuck surgery. You have described a stitch abscess,  that is usually self resolving.  Continue to follow-up with your plastic surgeon. 

Best wishes.

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