What is the Science Behind Staying out of the Sun After Rhinoplasty?

Just wondering. I'm going to the cape next weekend, and while I'm fully prepared to lather my face in 100+ SPF and wear a hat, I was wondering what the science is behind staying out of the sun. I had a revision rhinoplasty (a little over a week ago) to shave down residual hump on my bridge. There is still swelling, especially in the tip. Thanks for your help in advance!

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What is the Science Behind Staying out of the Sun After Rhinoplasty?


 This is an excellent question.  Sun exposure, after Rhinoplasty, can increase swelling to the nose in the following manner.  FYI, this same scenario applies to any activity or action that likewise increases blood flow to the face and nose.

  1. Sun exposure creates heat.
  2. Heat brings in additional blood to the face and nose.
  3. This additional blood supply creates swelling in the face and nose.
  4. Surgery to any area, including Rhinoplasty, disrupts lymphatic vessels.
  5. Becuase the lymphatic vessels, in the nose, were disrupted and don't re-establish themselves until about 6 months post Rhinoplasty, this increased swelling can't be removed as it is in the rest of the face and the nose swells.  Hope this helps.

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