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What Are Some of the Risks That Orbital Decompression Carries? (photo)

I have asked a question before concerning my prominent bulgy eyes and have received some very insightful answers from some of the doctors on this site.I have consulted my regular doctor and she has refered me to a specialist on eyes.Dr.Ramita Bhatt .Although, before I speak with her i wanted to know what some of you think and what the risks of the surgery may be.Thank you again to the doctors who have previously answered a question for me.

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Risks of orbital decompression


Orbital decompression is a relatively safe surgery, but definitely has some risks you must understand before signing up. Besides the risks inherent in any surgery, such as pain, bleeding and infection, there is the risk of injury to eye or optic nerve and accidental passage of surgical instruments into the brain cavity causing leak of cerebral spinal fluid.  The most common complications I've seen are double vision, which is more common in patients with thyroid eye disease, and hypoglobus (downward sinking of the eye).  You can also develop droopy eyelid(s) that may require later correction.   

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