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What Are the Best Methods to Reduce Facial Swelling Post Laser/fat Injections Treatment? (photo)

I had CO2 laser resurfacing to the face & chest along with fat transfer injections under the eyes. I am following the after care instructions including the use of post procedure balm, aquafor, Keflex, Acyclovir, Arnica & drinking lots of fluids. Any other suggestions to relieve swelling & minimize bruising. My eyes are almost swollen shut. I was prepared for the down time and understand that this is normal after laser. Thanks!

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Reduction of Facial Swelling after Laser, Fat Injections and Peels

You are doing many things correctly. Here are some addtitional suggestions to reduce facial swelling:

Continued head elevation - sleep in recliner chair for up to the first week

Icing - not directly on skin, 20 min on then 20 min off if comfortable for the first 3 days

Low Salt diet

No heavy lifting, bending over or intense exercise

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Reducing Facial Swelling after Laser Treatment and Fat Injections

It sounds like you are doing everything possible to reduce swelling after laser resurfacing and fat injections. Recovery  can be prolonged after a deep laser treatment. Continue to follow your physicians instructions.

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Facial swelling after laser and fat injections to the face

The swelling can be improved with steroids. But this could affect the survival of fat under your eyes. If you are patient, the swelling will come down really fast that first week. Keeping your head above your heart at all times during this earlier period can also help.


Philip Young, MD
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