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What is the Difference Between Sublative and Sublime Matrix Treatments?

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Sublative and Sublime Rejuvenation are treatments that use bipolar radio-frequency and deep infrared heat, both of which are directed into the dermal layer of the skin which stimulates collagen production. During Sublative treatments, bipolar radio-frequency energy is directed into the skin in the form of a dot matrix grid pattern resulting in a “fraction” of the skin being treated. The untreated skin that remains around the dots of the matrix accelerates the healing process of the treated skin. During Sublime treatments, both energies are directed into the entire area of the dermis. Both of these treatments can produce new collagen and healthy skin cells, but the combination of the two treatments yields maximal results.  Seek the guidance of your skin care professional to see if both treatment modes are right for you.  Often we suggest using both modes in synergy for optimal results.

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