What Tests Should I Get Before Mommy Makeover Surgery?

My PS doesn't require any blood work or any tests before surgery but after reading several doctors answers it seems it may be safer to have this done.

I'm having BA, BL, and full TT. I'm 116lbs, 5'0 and healthy as far as I know. I also just had my third c-section 6 months ago. My PS is telling me he can preform all of this in four hours and I would like to know: if I have a medical work up on my own what tests you all normally require your patients to have done.

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Preop tests prior to Mommy Makeover

I agree with the other consultants that the pre-op tests can include lab work as well as possibly EKGs (electrocardiogram).  In my practice, a "mommy makeover" is designed to restore the parts which pregnancy stretches out, generally the breasts and tummy.  Even before scheduling a case, we take a detailed history and physical exam, looking for conditions which may make the patient a "higher risk" candidate or predict a longer recovery. For example, motion sickness is sometimes a risk factor for post-op nausea.  As a rule, I won't offer a tummy tuck to an active smoker, because the chances of delayed wound healing are quite high.  In addition to the labs mentioned above, I inform active smokers that if their urine tests positive for nicotine, their surgery will be postponed. 

If in doubt, consult with your family doctor or OB, who may be able to assist you with pre-op clearance. As exciting as it will be to reclaim your prepregnancy body, you want to have a safe passage through surgery and recovery.  Good luck.

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Preoperative testing for surgery

The usual tests before surgery include a CBC and history and physical.  If you have any other medical problems, you may need further testing.

Preoperative Evaluation Before Mommy Makeover Surgery

         The mommy makeover is one of the larger procedures performed in cosmetic surgery. When this procedure is undertaken, safety should always be a priority. The pre-operative evaluation varies from patient to patient and depends on a variety of factors.


         The starting point is a comprehensive history and physical examination. Depending on the findings of this evaluation additional studies and consultation may be necessary before proceeding with surgery.


         We generally recommend a mammogram on any patient over forty years of age. An EKG is performed on anyone older then fifty. Laboratory studies are performed on an individual basis and depend upon the medical evaluation. The vast majority of patients have CBC’s and pregnancy tests.


         In many cases consultation with cardiology, pulmonology and endocrinology are appropriate based on the patient’s medical history.


         It’s important to remember that cosmetic procedures like the mommy makeover are still major operative procedures that have associated risks. For this reason, safety should be everyone’s first priority. 

Pre op testing prior to surgery.

Hello. If it would make you feel comfortable pre surgery, I would say meet with your primary care physician to be cleared for surgery. The common routine is labs, EKG, and chest xray. Best of luck.

Jaime Perez, MD
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Mommy Makeover

There is no harm in having the tests done if you would like to.  Discus with your Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and they can assist you in obtaining the order.

Vivek Bansal, MD
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Medical clearance and tests prior to surgery

In order to avoid any complications intra-operatively and post-surgery, your board certified plastic surgeon reviews your personal physical and medical history to determine which specific tests you should undergo prior to proceeding with surgery. In my office, mammograms are recommended for any female patient at the age of 40. EKGs and medical clearance from a primary care physician is mandatory at the age of 50 and above. Blood work may be required based on the patient’s medical history. At the very minimum, I would recommend a hemoglobin and pregnancy test.

What Tests Should I Get Before Mommy Makeover Surgery?

Although we all KNOW that surgery involves risk, many non-surgeons fail to appreciate the futile tragedy of how risk can be greatly reduced through a good history taking, a physical examination and by taking certain tests.

Most surgeons would agree that every menstruating woman should have a pregnancy test to preclude exposing an early pregnancy to anesthesia agents. Many would check the blood levels (hematocrit) on all patients and get at least an EKG and chest film on women 50 and over to pick up silent heart and lung diseases. A history of excessive bleeding or the opposite blood clots or multiple miscarriages or deaths in the family should prompt a consultation with a Hematologist.

Lastly, you state your surgeon promised you he can do a full Tummy Tuck with a Breast Augmentation and Lift within 4 hours. Although this is possible, in my experience, most such surgical supermen are either fibbing or are taking major short-cuts at the expense of the quality of the final result.

Dr. Peter A Aldea 

Peter A. Aldea, MD
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Medical clearance very important for safety before mommy makeover.


Get another consultation.  I cannot understand going ahead with a mommy makeover without at least a good history and physical exam and some basic blood tests.

George J. Beraka, MD (retired)
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Pre Operative testing

The type and amount of preoperative testing depends on a patient's age and medical history.  I require all women over the age of 35 to have a mammogram, labs, and ekg.  This allows us to identify any bleeding issues or anemia before we enter surgery to reduce the rate of complications.  I would ask your PS for their policy. I hope this helps.

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Neil J. Zemmel

Mommy Makeover preoperative screening

A Mommy Makeover- breast surgery combined with a tummy tuck is a lenghty procedure.  I want my patient to be in her best physical condition. At the very least that would include and complete blood count (CBC) and a pregnancy test (smile).  If you are over 50 or have any chronic medical problems, I would confer with your primary care doctor.  Remember...safety first.  Don't be stingy with your medical history..we to know it all!

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