Revision Rhinoplasty Swelling

I had open revision rhinoplasty 11 weeks ago and the sides of my nose are still swollen as well as my nostrils are uneven. Also, when I smile my face looks swollen still and the left side of my nose goes up more than the right. Will this get better over time? I am getting very frustrated.

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Long term results and swelling with revision rhinoplasty


Revision rhinoplasty will cause prolonged swelling as the lymphatics are further disrupted with surgery.  I would wait longer than the anticipated time to see final results.  When I perform revision rhinoplasty, I recommend patients wait 3 months to see most of the swelling subside. 

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Swelling after revision rhinoplasty

  • Swelling after a revision nose surgery can take up to two years to resolve.
  • Having said that, most of the swelling comes down in the first six months.
  • Sometimes swelling can occur more on one side than another and cause asymmetries.
  • Though it is difficult, be patient for now.
  • Discuss your concerns with your surgeon.

Anand D. Patel, MD
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revision rhinoplasty swelling

 The swelling that occurs from your revision rhinoplasty is greater then the primary rhinoplasty because of the previous interruption of cartilage and bone, altered lymphatics and scar tissue. Be very patient, and followup with your surgeon. It is best to wait at least a year before making any decisions about  revision rhinoplasty or touch up procedure.

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Revision Rhinoplasty Swelling

Even primary rhinoplasty takes many months for swelling to resolve.  In your case, a revision rhinoplasty takes longer.  11 weeks is far too early to tell and the answer to your question is the swelling will decrease over time.

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It will get better


Your concerns are common.  During this time your patience can be one of the most difficult parts of your recovery.  The nasal tip is the most cosmetically sensitive region of the nose also it is the most gravity dependent. Revision rhinoplasty patients can expect longer healing times because of altered anatomy and scar tissue. It is important that you communicate your concerns with your surgeon. 


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Nose still swollen 12 weeks after a revision Rhinoplasty.


Yes, Revision Rhinoplasty can be swollen for up to 1 year although the swelling shouldn't effect the shape of the nostrils which are supported by the lateral (outside) sections of the tip cartilages.

Francis R. Palmer, III, MD
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Swelling persists longer than first time rhinoplasties


Rule of Thumb for most swelling to go down

primary rhinoplasty 3-6 months

revision rhinoplasty  4-8 months

Meanwhile, warm soaks, gentle massage.

I hope this information has been useful to you.
Jon I Sattler, MD, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Glendora, California

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Swelling after revision rhinoplasty


Swelling after revision rhinoplasty may take longer than with primary rhinoplasty.  It may take up to a year or longer for all swelling to resolve.  Donald R. Nunn MD, Plastic Surgeon.

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swelling after a secondary rhinoplasty will last longer and may be more pronounced, depending what was done.

sometimes the swelling can be asymmetrical and uneven,


be patient for the new revised nose to show itself.

if you have concerns, don't hesitate to ask your plastic surgeon.


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Swelling After Rhinoplasty Lasts for Months


It is hard to be patient after a revision rhinoplasty, and an open technique will cause more longer-lasting swelling.

Discuss your concerns with your surgeon, but please understand that swelling will slowly subside over a period of a year-and-a-half!

Paul C. Zwiebel, MD
Denver Plastic Surgeon
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