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Sunburn After Rhinoplasty!

Hi, i had rhino/septoplasty 35 days ago. I had a bone shaved and fixed a hangling columella. I went to the beach yesterday and tanned for about an hour and a half under the sun. I was planning to have a small tan but i felt asleep without putting any protection. Now my face is totally red including my nose. Is it possible that i have done any damage to my nose? Any permanent dark areas? Im very worried. Thank you for your time.

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Stay away from the sun after rhinoplasty


Although you have experienced a significant amount of sun exposure, you should not have done any long-term damage to your eventual rhinoplasty result. However, your nasal skin is a lot more sensitive at this time period and the sun exposure may set back your healing timeline a bit. 

michael kim, md

Portland Facial Plastic Surgeon
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