Can't Open Eyes 25 Days After Blepharoplasty

My eyes are still puffy and swollen 25 days after upper Blepharoplasty procedure. I'm also having problems opening my eyes, and the scars hurt and feel tight. Is this temporary? What can be done about it?

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Can't open eyes after blepharoplasty

Your symptoms and photo are not normal for 25 days after surgery.  The photo looks like a week after surgery, not 4 weeks.  It is certainly not normal to have difficulty opening the eyes at this point.  Contact your surgeon and if they don't share you level of concern, get a second opinion.

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Call your surgeon

While it is common to have swelling after surgery, by 25 days you should be seeing improvement and you should be able to open your eyes. It is hard to tell from the picture, but your upper lids look more red than I would expect as well. You may have an underlying infection or other issue which needs to be addressed. You should contact your surgeon soon for an evaluation.

I hope this is helpful.

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The redness and tightness of your upper eyelid surgery scars should improve with time.

Your single digital photo is not a substitute for an examination, but you appear to have good eye closure which is important. You should discuss your concerns with our surgeon since every person and procedure is different. Upper Blepharoplasty incisions tend to soften and heal uneventfully with time.

Wishing you well.

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Not normal

Not being able to your eyelids 25 days after surgery is NOT normal. Please call your surgeon immediately or see an eye specialist to make sure you do not have an infection or reaction to the suture being used. There are many layers to the eyelid, and when performing eyelid surgeon be sure to use someone who is an expert in this field!

25 days postop blepharoplasty

 It is important to call your surgeon and discuss your postoperative care. In our practice, patient's are able to return to work, social activities without any restrictions 14 days after the procedure area and they're also able to open their eyes. For many examples and more information about eyelid surgery, please see the link below

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Eye recovery problems

   This in NOT normal. My patients have their upper eyelid sutures removed at day 6 or 7 and can open their eyes very easily and have minimal swelling at this stage. By day ten it's almost as though they never had anything done at all. You need to see your doctor immediately and if you are not satisfied with his response get another opinion.

You Need to Consult With Your Surgeon as the Severity of Your Swelling is Concerning

The vast majority of swelling resolves in about three weeks in most patients who undergo blepharoplasty. Occasionally it may persist for longer periods of time, but this is very unusual. The severity of your swelling is very concerning. Not only do you have severe swelling, but you also have painful scars and inability to open your eyes. This may indicate that this is more than just routine swelling.

A careful evaluation should be undertaken to determine the cause of your persistent swelling. There are several possible explanations that should be explored. These may include allergies to topical ointments that are commonly used following blepharoplasty, persistent low grade infection, severe hypertrophic scarring and the possibility of injury to the eyelid muscles that lift the eyelid.

It’s important that you stay in close contact with your surgeon. Your surgeon may be able to recommend treatment for your swelling that will make you more comfortable and accelerate your recovery. In most cases, elevation of the head and cold compresses will be enough to eventually alleviate your concerns.

Complications 25 days after Blepharoplasty

Please go see your Doctor.  This is a bit longer than most clients and you want to rule out anything worse or anything, such as an allergy to the ointment, that can be soon fixed.  Swelling and scars are normal, however 25 days post is a bit longer then expected.


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Can't Open Eyes 25 Days After Blepharoplasty

25 days of swelling is a bit longer than normal for postoperative swelling. I would see your surgeon for reevaluation. There may be an infectious component or an allergenic component to your edema.

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Swelling after eyelid surgery

Most eyelid surgery has a more predictable  course of recovery.  There is evident swelling to the upper lid incisions.  This may be somewhat troubling, but it could only be related to a skin reaction to topical ointments.  Perhaps the patient needs to stop application of any ointment, stay with using cool compresses for the lids, perhaps take antiinflammatories prn, and most certainly follow up carefully with your surgeon as often as may be needed.  There could also be an infection that may need to be considered if this doesn't improve soon.  Be aware that it still is somewhat close to the time of surgery and may still improve given more time.


Good luck

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