Is it Okay if I Smoked 1 Week After Gynecomastia Surgery?

Hi! I had gynecomastia surgery/liposuction on my chest area a week ago. I was told by my doctor that i should not drink alcohol or smoke atleast two weeks post-surgery. I followed his instructions carefully but yesterday i was at my friends party, and unfortunatley i smoked one cigarette. I am very scared that this will affect my recovery and give me bad result of the surgery. i can not stop thinking about it.Is smoking one cigarette going ruin my recovery completly? i am very scared!

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Postop Gynecomastia


Generally one cigarette will not affect your recovery.  Societal pressure can overcome good sense in many situations. However, let your surgeon know and he can advise you accordingly.   

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Smoking after surgery


It is very unlikely that 1 cigarette will ruin your results.  However, please follow your plastic surgeon's instructions and stay away from tobacco/cigarettes and second hand smoke.  
Best of luck!

C. Bob Basu, MD, FACS
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Smoking after Gynecomastia Surgery?


Thank you for the question.

Unless you were experiencing compromised  blood flow in the surgical area postoperatively, it is very unlikely that one cigarette will cause a “bad result".  For real reassurance follow-up with your plastic surgeon for examination.

Best wishes.

Tom J. Pousti, MD, FACS
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Smoking after Gynecomastia Surgery



Thank you for your question.

While I do strongly advise my patients to avoid alcohol and smoking
for at least two weeks following a procedure, I would not worry too
much over the one cigarette. As long as you will not smoke again
during the healing process. I applaud you for recognizing it and I
wish you a speedy recovery!

Good luck,

Dr. Sam Speron

Sam Speron, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon

Smoking after gynecomastia surgery

Although it wasn't a great idea to have smoked that one cigarette, it's over and the wisest thing to do is to put it behind you and try not to smoke in the days to come. I ask my patients to refrain from smoking and drinking for at leat two weeks postoperatively. Social situations can be difficult and the important thing is that you recognized this, albeit after the fact. Best of luck form this point forward!!

Robert L. Kraft, MD
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