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Swelling 4 Weeks After Breast Augmentation Normal?

After having silicone breast implants (280cc on right side, 350 on left) approximately 4 weeks ago, I'm still sore; is this normal? Thank you for your help.

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Swelling can be normal after breast implants



Recovery after breast implant surgery varies quite a bit. Soreness from side to side is frequently different. If you had previous breast surgery, it is very common for the previously operated breast to be more sore than the other one. Your surgeon should still be following you as this sorts itself out.

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Pain 4 weeks after breast augmentation


Pain after breast augmentation can vary from one individual to another. We generally are more concerned with pain associated with swelling, redness, warmth, or other inflammatory processes.

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How long does soreness last after breast augmentation



I'm sure this is a normal part of your recovery. It is not unusual at all to have soreness even 4 weeks after surgery, especially if the implants were placed underneath the pectoral muscle. Massaging helps and so does not over-exerting yourself. 

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Recovery after Breast Implant


Hi there-

In order to know whether the soreness you are still having 4 weeks after your breast augmentation is within the limits of a normal recovery or something you should be concerned about, some important details need to be understood. These details, such as whether your implants are under or over your chest muscles, the surgical technique, your recovery so far, what your exam has been like so far in your recovery, your activity level so far, and particularly recently, are best understood by the surgeon who performed your procedure.

Your best bet is to contact his/her office and discuss this with them, and possibly pay a visit to the office for an exam.

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