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One Side of my Face Lower Than the Other?

I have noticed that my face is uneven. 1 side of my face is abit lower than the other and it's most noticeable on my eyes and lips as one eyelid looks higher than the other. When i smile my lips look even but when iam not smiling and looking normal. you can notice that 1 side of the lip is lower than the other. I am only 26 yrs old so i think iam too young for a facelift to even it out. I personally feel like it might have something to do with my teeth being misaligned. can you give any advice

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Most people have at least some facial asymmetry, often due to the underlying bone

We have a tool on the computer imager that can show facial asymmery. Many people don't even notice they have it until pointed out. You are either very astute or fairly asymmetric. Treatment may be as simple as filler treatments. More aggressive treatment includes bone surgery. Lifting the soft tissue such as a facelift is the least effective treatment

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One Side of my Face Lower Than the Other?

Thanks for your question. It is very normal to have facial asymmetry and it can result from both soft tissue and bone differences. Actually, facial asymmetry is what gives our faces character. You may be correct that this is due to your teeth being misaligned. To determine the cause of the your asymmetry it is important to seek a face-to-face consultation with an experienced board certified plastic surgeon or facial plastic surgeon so you can receive a thorough facial examination. Only then can you determine your course of action.
You might be pleased to know that in the hands of a very experienced injector, facial asymmetries can be improved through the proper utilization of fillers and Botox. Best wishes.

Kevin L. Smith, MD, FACS
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Facelft options

Facial asymmetry is quite common.  If the asymmetry is associated with dental issues, you may be a candidate for jaw surgery, which is a pretty big undertaking.  If it is just soft tissue asymmetry,  a facelift is provably not indicated a your age.

Ronald J. Edelson, MD
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Facial Asymmetry

There are multiple anatomic abnormalities that can result in facial asymmetry.  These may include deformities of the facial bones and facial soft tissue.  In most cases they are relatively minor, but in some cases they may be severe and extremely noticeable.  Depending upon the deformity, treatment may or may not be possible.
Although, it’s hard to tell exactly what’s going on without a physical exam or pictures, I suspect that you have boney facial asymmetry.  This is supported by your age and malocclusion.
Asymmetry of the facial bones can be a major contributor to facial asymmetry.  When this occurs it’s not unusual to have one side of the face that’s more prominent then the opposite side.  This may be accompanied by dental abnormalities and malocclusion.
When this situation arises it may be possible to disguise the deformity, unfortunately it’s not possible in most cases to correct the deformity without major surgery.  If you’re considering any type of treatment consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon is appropriate.  This surgeon should be able to evaluate you and formulate a treatment plan.

Asymmetry is normal

Your question is a great one because I'm sure MANY people have the same concerns.  Everyone's face is asymmetric.  Prior to surgery, this is something that I point out to all of my patients in the mirror, and on my own face.

Some people have more asymmetry than others and some patients can have associated issues with nerves and muscles, though these conditions are rare and usually noticed and addressed early in life before your 20's.

If you have ongoing concerns, there is no harm in seeing a plastic surgeon for an evaluation, but if anyone suggests surgery for you, make sure you get multiple opinions before proceeding.

Facial Asymmetry at 26

   I would not recommend a facelift at 26 for facial asymmetry.  Each person has two different sides, and everyone is asymmetric.

One side of face is lower than the other?

In general, we all experience facial asymmetry, and no face is aligned perfectly. If one eyelid is lower, you may be experiencing a slight ptosis on that side. That is something that would need to be examined by a qualified oculoplastic surgeon.To correct a ptosis, you would need a ptosis repair that specifically addresses your eyelid.
A facelift would not be a good procedure to even out any asymmetry that is bothering you. A facelift mainly addresses sagging skin on the face. And you are correct - at 26, you would be too young to consider any type of facelift. If one side of your mouth is lower, a little bit of Botox may help. Alignment of the teeth is a separate issue that would need to be assessed by an orthodontist, and should not have any affect of facial asymmetry or any other issues you described. It's difficult to give you advice without seeing any photos or examining you in person. From here, I would recommend a consult with a qualified surgeon, as he/she will best be able to provide you with advice. Thanks and good luck!

Facial asymmetry is common and seldom can be corrected by a facelift.

Most patients have some observable asymmetry of the face, so it's the rule rather than the exception.  Most of there are skeletal or muscular (function) in origin.  Facelifts do not address muscles or bone, so have no effect on these asymmetries.

Vincent N. Zubowicz, MD
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Facial Asymmetry

Dear Kisskisskrissy,

Like the rest of us, it sounds like you have facial asymmetry - one side of the face is different than the other. Often the bone structure is slightly different on one side compared to the other. It is unlikely that any facial surgery would be advisable. Consultation with an orthodontist to evaluate misaligned teeth may be in order. Good luck.

Dr. Tom Kaniff

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