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Severely Bruised from Velashape, Is This Normal? (photo)

How much bruising & pain is normal for velashape? I had a trial treatment at a clinic ~2 mo. ago administered by a nurse and it was uncomfortable but bearable & almost no bruising. I went for a treatment yesterday at a different clinic administered by a tech & it was almost unbearable pain, she moved the head piece extremely fast compared to the other clinic now I am severely bruised now. How can this be normal,couldn't this extent of bruising cause internal bleeding & damage? Please help!

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Try V-Shape

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Thank you for posting a photo. I recommend learning more about V-Shape; this new radiofrequency device will tighten the skin and smooth the texture of the skin. Consult with your doctor about V-Shape to find out if this is the best procedure for you. Good luck!

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