Is There a Set Price to Take Fat out of my Stomach and Put It in my Buttocks?

I would like to get the fat sucked out of my stomach and get it put in my hip and buttocks area. Is there a set price for the two or is it two prices for two procedures?

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Is There a Set Price to Take Fat out of my Stomach and Put It in my Buttocks?

Usually prices vary based on the patient's body frame and type of procedure. Seek a plastic surgeon who performs hundreds of these procedures, has great reviews and photos, and is an expert in this field.

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Pricing and Buttock Fat Injections

Greetings. In general, it is one price.  Prices will vary in different parts of the country.  It is usually $6000 and above.  The best thing would be to get a consultation with a plastic surgeon to see what the pricing would be in your area.  Good luck!

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$6,500 and up

Depends on how long it takes.  How long it takes depends on how much fat needs to be harvested, where the fat is harvested, and how much is injected.  Anything less than this then the doc may not be offering general anesthesia.  You don't want to be awake during this, and there is a real risk of infection.  So, be careful that your doc isn't cutting corners.  Choose a board certified plastic surgeon who has experience doing this sort of thing.

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Brazillian Butt Lift cost

There is usually a set price for a brazillian butt lift (approx.2500-3500US$) at our centre. The Brazillian butt lift involves removal of the required amount of fat from the abdomen or other areas for augmentation with lipo contouring around the butt for an aesthetic result. The price quoted in most clinics varies depending on the amount of fat to be transferred and the areas to be contoured along with the butt..

Fees for BBL

The cost of a BBL has actually declined over the past several years as more plastic surgeons are offering this wonderful procedure.  In the midwest the fees are averaging around $6,500.

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Cost of Brazilian Butt Lift, Connecticut

There are a few variables that can effect the cost of a brazilian butt lift. Such as, where you live, how many target areas, how long the procedure is and the skill of your doctor. In connecticut the cost of a brazilian butt lift can range from $5000-$7000.

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One awesome price for a Brazilian Butt Lift!

Hello Tia.

  • Is there a set price for the two procedures (lipo and fat injection)?  Yes, there is one price for everything combined.  Depending on your custom tailored plan, you may need a minor plump up or a major overhaul ($3,500-$10,000). With opportunity for financing, loans, payment plans, promos, and discounts, all you need is the desire to change and our team will make the rest happen.
  • We strive to educate you and tailor your options for your desired change body shape. To name a few: waist reduction, overall lateral hip shape, point of maximum posterior projection, overall posterior projection shape, depth and width of the thong triangle, contour flow from lower back to buttocks, and form buttocks to posterior thigh, and length of the buttock thigh crease.
How many opportunities to look and feel confident are you missing out on?
How many moments in a day could you have made a more confident decision? With that super tight waist and buttock shape you have always dreamed of, your life will have positive changes.

Love your question, Dr McAdoo

Price for Brazilian Butt Lift

Pricing generally depends on the number of areas targeted during the first step of the procedure: liposuction. However, I generally charge a flat rate of $8500, which is about the average in Toronto, Ontario.

Fat Grafting to the Buttock

A comprehensive body liposuction procedure with fat grafting to the buttocks (Brazilian Butt Lift) is about $12k in our Seattle area clinic.

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