Scars Around Nipple After Gynecomastia. Options For Scar Removal? (photo)

Hello Doctor, i had done Gynecomastia operation 7 months before.After post operation i have found scars around my nipple. Will u tell me how would remove those scrars or is there any treatment ?

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Scars Around Nipple After Gynecomastia. Options For Scar Removal? (photo)

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There is no such thing as scarless surgery, but your breast scars may be improved with a scar revision surgery.  Good luck and be safe.

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Scar Revision after Gynecomastia Surgery

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Thank you for your question and pictures.

There is no "scar removal" procedure but scar "revision" is an option.  There are potential risks/ complications associated with any type of procedure so please make sure your surgeon goes over all of the potential risks/complications with you so that you can make an informed decision.

Sometimes scar revision improves the scar, sometimes the scar does not improve and sometimes the scar actually may become worse.  I usually ask my patients to wait for at least 1 year post op to allow the scar to fully mature prior to scar revision surgery.

Scar revision after gynecomastia surgery

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Only a scar revision will have the potential to narrow widened scars.  Then ongoing scar management and very close follow-up is important to address any recurrent problems.  There is always the risk that the scar revision wont help, and a small risk that it actually creates a worse scar.

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It looks like your scars have become somewhat hypertrophic. This means that although the scars have healed and are closed now, they have outgrown their normal borders, and are now unsightly. There are several options. The first is to do nothing. It may sound funny to say it is an option, but you must remember that this option entails no further procedures and little postoperative care other than what you've already received. Another options is to inject steroids into the scars. This is typical treatment for keloid scars, and can soften them and reduce their prominence. Options such as dermabrasion I personally do not recommend, as the surrounding tissues (the areola and nipple that are of different pigment and texture) can be differentially affected, and actually make the cosmetic appearance worse. Scar revision, the final option, involves excising the present scars and replacing them with new ones, in the same position and configuration. Note that with every single option there are pros and cons, which you must discuss with a Board-certified plastic surgeon. Hope this helps. Good luck and fare well.

Scar issue after gynecomastia

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A scar revision may help, may  make it worse, and may not make it better. It is difficult to predict. 

Steven Wallach, MD
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Scars Around Nipple After Gynecomastia. Options For Scar Removal?

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I agree a scar revision circumareolar would offer some type of improvement to the post operative scar you have. 

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