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What's the Best Treatment for Sagging Skin on my Knees?

Is there anything out there to help this problem? I hate when I wear shorts or a skirt and look down at my sagging skin on my knees. Is there anyway to tighten this skin up? age 57

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You may expect modest improvement with Thermage.

Hi! This is a tough problem that we see not infrequently in our plastic surgery practice in New York City. Surgery is not an option because the scars are unacceptable.

You can try Thermage. It is safe, there is no anesthesia, no recovery period, and no scars. But you have to have very realistic expectations. We almost always see improvement, but it can be subtle.

But what I have learned is that even a little improvement here (like in the arms) makes women happy.

To get a result from Thermage, it has to be done just right, and enough energy needs to be used. So try to find a doctor with experience. The Thermage website may help.

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