Why Are Restylane Injections (Undereye Hollows) So Expensive?

It's usually recommended that 2 syringes are used per eye; $1000 per syringe. Why is restylane so expensive? Is appears cheaper and more convienent to get an under eye implant atleast the results will be permanent where as with restylane you'll have to come back approximately every 6 months to 1 year for injections. Someone please help, I need undereye hollows filled but I can't afford $3000-4000 for restylane injections.

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Restylane and tear troughs

Every practice has a different price but are often very competitive when it comes to dermal fillers. If you're visiting with a reputable and well-known provider and practice that does a lot of volume, you may see slightly better pricing. Do some research in your area as well for reputable providers.

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Restylane prices

Fees vary.  My fee is lower and I think that you might want to comparison shop to verify that other skilled injectors in your area are in the same price range.  All of the cosmoceuticals and injectibles cost plenty for the doctor to purchase from the manufacturer and, actually, the supplement for his time and expertise isn't terribly high.  I personally find the notion of 4 syringes in a single sitting for the lower eyelids to be high.  You haven't posted a photograph but generally I use 1-2 syringes for this area, so this is another issue that you should resolve by additional consultations.

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Restylane prices

The fee for restylane will vary around the country.  There are several ways to treat the lower lid region: sometimes surgical and sometimes filler, and sometimes a combination.  Fat grafting ti also an alternative.

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Price for Restylane

The price per syringe is set by the doctor. In my practice it is rare that I use the entire syringe for the tear trough area, and have never used two full syringes. If you are requiring that much, then a tear trough implant and surgery would certainly be the way to go.

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Those figures seem a bit pricey!

While we charge more on the line of $450 to $550 a syringe, I rarely use two syringes per eye area.  Generally, one will suffice and overdoing it will only lead to issues if you aren't satisfied.

My recommendation is to go slowly initially and see how you like it.  You can always do more in the future.  Now, if four syringes were tackling the face areas that might be understandable, but to just do the under eye hollows, that could even be too much unless you need quite a bit of correction. 

As for the implants, they have a pretty awful track record.  They don't stay in place very often and when your facial structure ages they can look odd as they have no ability to be redone as with fillers like Restylane, Juvederm or Perlane.  That makes them a challenge if you change over time (which everyone does!). 

Good luck!

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Price differs from one doctor to another

The injection of hyaluronic acid filler under the eyes (tear trough) requires great skill. Not any doctor is able to place it safely and correctly. While the price you have quoted is on the high side, it all depends on the doctor's pricing and his skills. You may actually be paying more for the skill rather than the product itself. There are some doctors who charge by the syringe no matter where they inject and it may actually be more beneficial for you to see them, provided they are of sound reputation and skills.

Hassan Galadari, MD
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Unfortunately you are paying for the doctor not just the product.

The under eye area is the most sensitive treatment area of the face for fillers.  The results can be fantastic but this is an advanced treatment area.  The best services require pains taking attention to detail.  The product can simply be slammed into the face.  The top physicians and surgeon also command the highest prices.  Orbital rim implants are no substitute for under eye fillers.  If you and your surgeon think placing a tear trough implant is cheaper for you in the long run than having a properly done (but expensive) under eye filler service, both of you are in for disappointment.  Additionally, the under eye fillers can be adjusted in a way that his impossible to be down for implants. 

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Restylane injections for tear troughs are very cost effective

Hi.   It seems some of the information you were given is not correct:

1)  Almost nobody needs more than one syringe per eye.  In fact the secret of success in this area is to inject tiny amounts, and to inject deeply under the muscle.  Many people just need ONE syringe for BOTH eyes.

2)  In Manhattan (which is a very expensive place), we never charge more than $2000 for treatment of tear troughs (under eyes), and usually less.

3)  Because this area does not move (unlike the lips, for example), Restylane under the eyes can easily last three years.

4)  Most important, with skillful technique Restylane is really safe.  Avoid tear trough implants.  Few surgeons use them because they have a lot of problems.

George J. Beraka, MD (retired)
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Restylane for under eye hollows

Price varies widely for Restylane, but 1000 dollars is on the high side, likely because you live In a city where overhead for a doctor's office is exorbitant.  I typically use one 1-2 syringes of Restylane at 600 per syringe.  There are also half syringes that can be used so occasionally a patient might get 1 1/2 syringes.  Restylane under the eyes typically lasts for a year.    An experienced injector can usually improve the area significantly with one syringe and then you can add additional product in 3-6 months when your budget allows.  Please do not price shop.  The most important factor is the experience of your physician.



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Restylane Under the Eyes

Restylane under the eyes can lead to dramatic improvement in your overall appearance.  This is generally recommended over eye implants depending on your goals.

Cost will depend on multiple factors--the most important being the skill of the injector, your geographic location, any rebates offered by the manufacturer, and cost of the product.  Be wary of any deals that seem too good to be true, as you often get what you pay for.

In my experience, Restylane will typically last 1-1.5 years in the undereye area.   I tend to be more conservative to avoid having my patients look like they've had something done.  Depending on how much product you need to volumize this area, I sometimes start with one syringe and add additional product later.

Kimberly Lee, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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