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How Can I Remove or Fade a Large Brown Ulcer Scar from my Shin?

How Can I Remove or Fade a Large Brown Ulcer Scar from my Shin?

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Improvement of leg scars and hyperpigmented dark scars on the legs

Hyperpigmented and chronically inflamed scars can be improved with a combination of topical creams.  In my Los Angeles office, I improve scars with Melaquin AM, Melaquin PM, and MelaPads in order to improve color. 

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Brown pigment will persist in this area unless you get some prescription strength product from your dermatologist. ALSO needed is careful sun avoidance. The sun is always trying to bring a dark spot back so think of the "bleaching" cream as a treatment but not a cure. SPF# 45 at least. All year round (as long as your skin is showing)


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