How Can I Remove Dissolvable Stitches on my Own?

i had my rhinoplast/septoplasty oversees.. it has been over a month the stitches on the septum havent dissolved. when i tug on the knots i feel a weird sensation within the septum. i am trying to get in contact with an ent in canada but its taking too long. its been 2 weeks and no response. how do doctors remove these stiches? can i cut them off because the knots are sticking out alot and are really bugging me.

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Rhinoplasty to remove stitches


Dear butterfly101,

  1. In most cases, if we see sutures inside the nose, then we cut them out and remove them
  2. I cannot advise you to remove them on your own as I do not what kind of sutures were used (sometimes we place permanent sutures in)
  3. If they bother you and cause a lot of pain or discomfort, and you are sure they are dissolvable, you can remove them yourself - and again, I can't guarantee that your results would be affected (an online disclaimer)
  4. If you were my client and you lived away from my office, I would say it would be OK to remove them

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Nima Shemirani

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Rhinoplasty - Septoplasty - Dissolvable sutures


Hello. Usually dissolvable suture used on the septum tend to dissolve within the first month; if this has not happened yet, you could try for a few days to gently clean your nostrils and wet the suture knot with sterile saline, to help the suture to go.

Should this not be successful, I would advice to go and see your GP or your practice nurse and she will gently cut it. I would not recommend to do it yourself.

Best of luck

Andrea Marando


Andrea Marando, MD
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