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Is Juvederm a Good Option for Forehead Wrinkles?

I am considering juvederm for my forehard to get rid of my wrinkles in my forehead. Do you recommend this product for my forehead, and if not then what do you suggest. How long will the treatment last in my forehead? What is the average cost? Will losing 50 pounds make a difference with the injections? How often will I need to get injections in my forehead? Thank you. 50 year old - not ready to look it.

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Treating forehead wrinkles


Juvederm Ultra is really not the best option for treating unwanted forehead wrinkles.  The first option is usually Botox Cosmetic which temporarily weakens the muscles which cause these horizontal lines to form.  There are some patients with deep creases who will benefit most from a combination of the two procedures.  A local board certified plastic surgeon should be able to give you guidance in regards to which option is best for you.

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JUVEDERM Can Help With Forehead Wrinkles


BOTOX is generally the first choice for forehead wrinkles.  JUVEDERM also has effectiveness, but requires a direct injection into the wrinkle with more dilute hyaluronic acid.  The JUVEDERM is mixed with local anesthetic to thin it and make direct injection safer.  There will be more bruising and the result is not 100 percent but it is a great addition to the treatment of the forehead.
This dilute JUVEDERM also helps with the temple hollows that may come with ageing.


Keith Denkler, MD
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Juvederm for forehead wrinkles...


When a patient has wrinkles on their forehead, Juvederm is not the best option.  Juvederm is a filler used for the nasolabial folds and can also make the lips fuller.  For forehead wrinkles, Botox would work best. It is a fluid that is injected into your forehead muscle to temporally weaken it and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.  Botox is also used in the glabella muscle which is between the eyes, as well as around your eyes into your crows feet to diminish those wrinkles.  Please make an appointment with your plastic surgeon to discuss your options.

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Juvederm for forehead wrinkles

  • Wrinkles on the forehead appear due to work of muscles of facial expressions. Botulinum toxin A, commonly referred as Botox is a better option for this type of wrinkles. Patients often worried that their face will look too frozen or unnatural, but skillfully used Botox can make your forehead very smooth with preservation of expressive dynamics of your face.
  • Dermal fillers can be used on forehead, including Juvederm if the wrinkles are too deep to correct alone with Botox. Choice of the filler then is important -it should be not too viscous in order to avoid lumpiness and ridges as skin on the forehead is quite thin.

Alexandra Chambers, MD
London Dermatologist
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