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How Long is the Recovery from Brow Lift?

I am getting a Brow lift in 2 weeks and I am wondering how long the recovery is?

How much pain will I be in after the procedure and how safe is it?

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Recovery time from a brow lift

Recovery time from a standard brow lift is usually about 2 wks. Your recovery can be sooner if you can sleep without laying on your back. I generally advice my patients to sleep in their lounge chairs, easy chairs anything that will keep you from laying down. You can also buy those neck pillows people take with them on air-flights to help keep your head up right. Keeping your head elevated helps keep swelling and bruising at a minimum. Discontinue pain relievers that contain aspirin also helps. Usually, pain is not an issue with this procedure. Patients complain of  'tightness' more than pain. I ask that patients abstain from chewing anything that requires them to chew for too long. Do not do anything that will raise your blood pressure for at least 3wks ie, exercise, heavy lifting, straining, etc. Hope you find this info helpful, best wishes!

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Browlift Recovery Time

There are a variety of browlift procedures, and they each vary in terms of recovery time. Most commonly, the endoscopic procedure requires 6 days, the midforehead 8 days, and the lateral and trichophytic approaches all require 4 to 7 days for near complete recovery and presentability.

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Browlift Recovery Time

Recover following browlift surgery will typically take 7 to 14 days.  This is affected by the type of technique utilized, extent of correction needed, and whether or not other surgeries (such as blepharoplasty) are involved.

A coronal browlift is more invasive with a larger incision.  This approach takes somewhat longer to fully heal but the results can be very dramatic.  More common is a minimally-inasive endoscopic brow lift.  This technique can provide more subtle but significant improvement with smaller incisions and faster healing time.

Regardless of technique recommended, recovery is typically very straight-forward with mild to moderate pain that is easily controlled with oral pain medication.  It will be important to minimize activity that might raise blood pressure(this causes bruising) and maintain head elevation to minimize swelling the first week following surgery.

Best of luck!

Browlift Recovery Time

Following a Browlift, we generally advise our patients to take up to 2 weeks off to recover. The stitches come out within one week, and the majority of the swelling and bruising will be gone after 2 weeks. Pain Management is very important, so we always give our patients prescription medication to keep them comfortable and as pain-free as possible throughout the whole recovery period.
Browlift Surgery is extremely common, and the risks should be discussed entirely with your surgeon. However, choosing a Facial Plastic Surgeon, an expert in the face, for your browlift is one of the ways to minimize possible risks associated with undergoing surgery.

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What is the recovery after forehead lifting?

The recovery from forehead lifting is dependent on the technique used. Traditional techniques such as a coronal brow lift had a long recovery period. Dr. De Silva utilises modern techniques such as endoscopic forehead lifting where the recovery is between 1-2 weeks. Most patients have minimal discomfort after the procedure that settles within 24-48 hours with oral analgesia. The recovery period can be reduced with the use of ice packs (bag of pees in a zipper container) every hour while awake for the first three days, resulting in a reduction in the amount of postoperative swelling. Usually the patient may return to normal non-strenuous activities 1 week after the procedure and by 2 weeks the forehead and eyelids are on average 90% improved. Initially the eyebrows maybe higher after surgery and then the eyebrows lower to their normal height, the final result is between 6-12months after surgery. 

Brow Lift Recovery

It all depends on the technique used. The most invasive brow lift is a "coronal" lift. The incision is across the scalp, and while this sounds excessive, it will give you the most dramatic result. The recovery time is usually about two weeks. A less invasive procedure is the "endoscopic" lift using cameras and smaller incisions. The result is generally not as dramatic and the recovery is slightly less - usually about 7-10 days. The least invasive and with the shortest recovery is the "endotine" brow lift. This is done under local anesthesia and an upper blepharoplasty is performed at the same time. The same incision is used. A small dissolvable clip is placed and this will help hold the brow in its newly slightly elevated position.

Toronto Brow Lift

It depends on the technique used. I primarily perform endoscopic brow lifts which have a rather short recovery time of 7-14 days for most swelling/bruising. A formal open coronal brow lift will have a longer recovery time. You should discuss this with your PS.


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How Long is the Recovery from Brow Lift?

Most brow lifts will take 2 weeks or so to heal and look presentable. Certain brow lifts will bruise more than others so the type of lift will matter as well.

Browlift Recovery

Some normal bruising and swelling will follow for about 7-10 days following your browlift, so the use of cold compresses is recommended for faster healing. You may experience some numbness and itching in the days following your forehead lift as well, but this will go away over time. A wrap dressing is carefully removed the day after your procedure, and the sutures come out 7-10 days later. Patients can typically resume normal activities in about two weeks.

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Browlift Recovery Ranges Between 10-14 Days

Recovery from brow lift varies from patient to patient. The majority of patients have recovered sufficiently in 10-14 days to resume most of their normal activities. At this point most of the swelling and bruising have resolved completely.
The majority of pain is gone in 2 to 3 days following surgery. During this period of time, patients are given narcotic pain relievers and then switched to double strength Tylenol.
Strenuous activities that might raise blood pressure should be avoided for about 4 to 6 weeks. At this time, recovery is complete and patients should be able to resume normal activities without restrictions.

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