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Recommended Time Before Having Intercourse After Tummy Tuck?

How long must I wait to have intercourse after a Tummy Tuck?

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2 months

It is advisable to avoid strenuous physical activity for 2 months after abdominoplasty. Activity before that time can result in hematoma, seroma, wound failure and other complications.

Resuming intercourse after a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty)

This depends on several factors including the extent of your tummy tuck as well as length of time the drain is retained and the possibility of seroma formation.

In my practice, I have had patients have intercourse the day after surgery because of their desires and not anything to do with my technique but that is one extreme that I do not recommend.

Most patients are physically not prepared nor willing to consider intercourse for a minimum of 4-6 weeks after surgery and even then certain precautions must be taken to avoid undue pressure on the operated portions of the body.

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Sex after Tummy Tuck

Becoming intimate after abdominoplasty or tummy tuck is highly variable and depends on each individual. It depends on how active you are and how long it takes your pain to comfortably subside. You should not do any abdominal exercises for 10 weeks but sex is generally acceptable after at least 3-4 weeks as long as you are gentle. Having sex before 3-4 weeks can put you more at risk for complications so it is best to be careful. Be sure to follow up with your plastic surgeon to see what their specific recommendations are as well.

Recommended time before having intercourse after tummy tuck?

That is a great question that is crucial to the healing process of your abdomen. It is important to refrain from lifting anything greater than five pounds, using your abdominal muscles and any physical activity for six weeks. By six weeks most of the scar tissue has been formed and the repair of your muscles is safe from being separated. Patients require aid getting in and out of bed and must use their hands to push themselves off beds or chairs to avoid firing their abdominal muscles. Most patients do not realize that intercourse is a form of exercise and requires the use of your abdominal muscles. Firing the abdominal muscles will tear the internal sutures, thereby compromising results substantially. I encourage you to stay committed to the process and follow post operative instructions in order to yield great results.

Good luck.

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Wait At Least 1 Month Following Tummy Tuck Before Intercourse

                  Any type of strenuous activity including sexual intercourse should be avoided for at least one month following abdominoplasty.  Strenuous activities can elevate blood pressure and pulse rates and lead to hemo-dynamic changes.  These changes can result in post-operative complications such as bleeding and seroma formation.  In addition, physical exertion can cause stretching and pulling of the soft tissue which can traumatize fresh surgical wounds that are still healing.  Under these circumstances, the incidence of wound healing complications would be expected to increase.

Intercourse After Tummy Tuck

You should probably wait until about 3 or 4 weeks after your tummy tuck before having intercourse however please ask your surgeon for their advice.

Intercourse following tummy tuck

You should definitely consult your surgeon and follow his/her advice closely with regards to intercourse and exercise following a tummy tuck.  In most cases, intercourse can be resumed 3-4 weeks following a tummy tuck if the post operative course has been smooth and uncomplicated.

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Recommended Time Before Having Intercourse After Tummy Tuck?

Your plastic surgeon will be your best resource when it comes to specific information/advice. He/she knows exactly what was done and how you are progressing. Concerns would include an increase in heart rate and the potential for bleeding.  Muscle spasm may be painful. Obviously, significant pressure on the surgical site is not a good idea either. It is not uncommon for patients to report increased swelling that occurs after vigorous exercise (including sexual activity),  even several months after tummy tuck surgery.
I hope this helps. 

Sexual Intercourse After a Tummy Tuck

This a delicate question and the answer needs to be handled in a delicate fashion.  The reason for not having sexual intercourse (SI) early after any surgery is because you do not want to raise your blood pressure, and therefore increase your changes of bleeding and getting a hematoma.  No matter what position you and your partner use during SI, your abdominal muscles will come into play and you want to allow for reasonable repair of these muscles before engaging them in SI. 


Back and forth shearing movements on your newly repaired abdominal wall could increase the chances of fluid buildup on your abdomen (seroma) which would increase the time of your recovery and also temporarily interfere with further SI.  


A safe answer to your question is wait 3 to 4 weeks and let pain or discomfort be your guide.   

Intercourse okay by 3 weeks after Tummy Tuck if healing goes well

If everything goes well in your healing 3 weeks would be the time limit. But PLEASE do not get pregnant. It would ruin the tummy tuck!

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