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Raised Scar After Breast Implants: 5 Months Post Op

What should I do?

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Hypertrophic scars


It appears from the pictures that you have hypertrophic scars at the infra mammary fold incision.

First and for most you need to see your surgeon to have the scars treated.

Options to treat the scars include:  1. Topical creams or ointments such as: Scar guard, Maderma etc.

2. Compression garments or more common silicone sheets that are placed over the scar.

3. Steroid injections such as: Kenolog.

4. Laser treatments with fractionated non ablative Erbium laser such as the LUX 1540 with addition of IPL for the pigmentation.

5. Surgical excision with the notion that the scars may return.

Good luck!!!

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Scar care after breast augmentation: Silicone sheeting and scar massage


The incisions for breast augmentation, no matter what kind should be small. They can become raised and firm because of hypertrophic scar formation caused from increased tension caused by larger implants, incisions placed to far to the outside or inside of the breast, and/or constant movement from your chest moving. It looks like your scar is huge, but anyway it looks like a hypertrophic scar which can be treated with silicone sheeting at night and scar massage during the day with a light moisturizer. Steroid injections can help though may lead to scar widening. Your scars will settle down over time and this may take over a year. Be patient and try the silicone sheeting as this is the only proven product to improve scarring. 

I hope this helps.

Dallas Plastic Surgeon
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Post surgical hypertrophic scars


If the scar does not itch,try silicon gels like scar fade etc. as this area is not practical for application of  silicin gel sheets.

If there is itching,injection of steroids may help.These scars improve a lot on their own by one year.

India Plastic Surgeon

Thickened raised scar treatment options


Dear Shaunte,

Your photo demonstrated a hypertrophic scar.  There are some "off-label" medications which can help soften thickened scars in a majority of patients including steroids and 5-FU.  Usually a series of injections will determine if this option can work to improve your scars.  Some scars can be associated with allot of itching.  In my experience, this symptom is usually resolved with the first treatment.

The best place to start is discussing your concerns with your Plastic Surgeon.  Good luck.

Tyler Plastic Surgeon
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Raised Scar After Breast Implants: 5 Months Post Op


Does your scar itch?  Is it getting thicker?  If so, steriod injections may help.  If not, you may benefit from silicone gel sheeting to flatten the scar.  Good luck!

Newport Beach Plastic Surgeon
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Scar after breast surgery


It seems that you do have an abnormally thick scar after your surgery.  You should seek the advise of you PS and consider a steroid injection.  While it is true that scar maturation takes several months (up to a year or so) I do feel that at times early intervention is warranted.  This seems to be one of those cases.


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